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Acting Sketchy


So, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not much of an artist or designer. But I still get the itch to draw from time to time. So, I thought I’d share some recent things from my “sketchbook” (read: whatever notebook is closest at hand) that I’ve been playing around with.



Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Tom & I took a walk around the neighborhood last night to take advantage of some very pleasant weather (this week the temps have dropped as low as 37-degrees, then risen to a balmy, humid 77-degrees, and all accompanied by rain. Blech). The builder has opened up a new section of our neighborhood. We’ve been watching them work for months – removing trees, moving land around, etc. But we haven’t walked down the street to survey the progress for ourselves.

The blacktop was poured last week. It looks like a street now!

I could barely fit this machine in the frame. I have to give land engineers (is that what they’re called?) some props. I have no idea how they turn a hill and gullies full of brush and trees into a street. If you told me to clear some land an build a house, I would have no clue where to start!

Signs of Fall

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall has arrived! And maybe rather more quickly than I hoped/expected. It was 37-degrees (!) when I woke up this morning. Which practically qualifies for Winter. But, anywho… we celebrated the season’s arrival with a football-filled Sunday. We hosted a Bengals party, complete with beer cheese, Yuengling, taco soup-chili, and a specialty “Cider Cocktail” (thank you, Pinterest!).

It was a delicious Sunday 🙂

We’ve added some mums to the front porch. Once I get some new planters, pumpkins and a new wreath up on the front door, I’ll snap some pics to share!

A Little Light Reading

Came home from work the other day to find the Restoration Hardware Fall 2012 catalogue in my mailbox! I never requested one, so it was a happy surprise indeed. Some of their pieces aren’t my style, but some of them, including their 1920s Odeon Glass Fringe Chandeliers, are just incredible. I could easily spend the entire weekend poring through this tome of home furnishings!

I am an Austen fanatic. I have at least 3 copies apiece of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Rereading these novels is like visiting with old friends.

Have a wonderful weekend! Do you have any new or favorite reads that you’re planning to curl up with?

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Friday Photo Reel

my latest owl buddy, hanging out on top of one of my copies of Pride and Prejudice

autumn isn’t that far off! these colors stood out to me; bold, warm and the perfect palette for my purple & yellow family room / kitchen!

discovered this enormous caterpillar, plus his three BFFs, on my tomato plants this week. Google told me he’s a nuisance to gardens (i.e. eats like there’s no tomorrow), so they were promptly relocated to the woods.

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Have a lovely, long holiday weekend!