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Mums the Word

I recently added a bunch of potted mums to our porch for a fresh Fall porch-scape (is this a thing?). After a few weeks of procrastination/indecision, I finally transferred them from their crappy plastic pots to legit planters.

And then that very night, a storm blew through, and I woke up the next morning to planters, potting soil, and mums strewn across my front yard. Joy. In my frustration, I failed to take pictures. Sorry.

Now, the mums aren’t looking so good. And one seems to lose stems just by being looked at.

Anybody have any tips on caring for mums? Or is this just what mums do?

Autumn Wreath & Front Porch Reveal

I finally had some free time this weekend to put together a new seasonal wreath (doesn’t everyone craft at 10pm on a Saturday night??)…

I purchased a grapevine wreath and fall floral stems from Michaels. I used a roll of burlap that I had leftover from my Spring Wreath project.

I started by wrapping the burlap around the wreath. Then I trimmed the long stems and arranged the flowers before I hot-glued them down to keep them in place (half of my Christmas wreath wound up in our side yard last year due to wind and a lack of more permanent security measures).

And ta-da! A wreath is born!

And now the whole front porch is decked out for Fall, with some mums lining the steps and a new wreath on the door. Still need some pumpkins and squash to finish things off, but it’s definitely starting to look like Fall around the Kennedy house 🙂

Signs of Fall

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall has arrived! And maybe rather more quickly than I hoped/expected. It was 37-degrees (!) when I woke up this morning. Which practically qualifies for Winter. But, anywho… we celebrated the season’s arrival with a football-filled Sunday. We hosted a Bengals party, complete with beer cheese, Yuengling, taco soup-chili, and a specialty “Cider Cocktail” (thank you, Pinterest!).

It was a delicious Sunday 🙂

We’ve added some mums to the front porch. Once I get some new planters, pumpkins and a new wreath up on the front door, I’ll snap some pics to share!