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My Favorite Finds

Today I’m linking up over at Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and sharing my favorite find(s). Old, new, trash, treasure, bought, found, salvaged, or stolen. Whatever you love.

It was impossible to choose one favorite find. I find lots of things that I love and I find things a lot. I love finding whimsy, quirky, and eccentricity. I love finding color. I love finding pattern. I love finding characters (especially of the winged variety). So, here’s a sampler of some of my most favoritest finds, broken into categories.


I have vast and vivid dreams of having my own library. Floor-to-ceiling. Crisp white shelving and trim. Soft grey walls. Pops of magenta and tangerine. And of course, books. Tons of books. I love all of my books, but my most treasured books are the turn-of-the-century copies of Jane Austen’s works that I salvaged from my dad’s uncle’s house. I cannot show you an actual photo of said books because they are packed in a box in my parents’ basement (until those glorious floor-to-ceiling shelves are built), and I was too busy/lazy to drive to their house, unpack the boxes, and photograph the books. But, imagine small chapbooks, bound in worn black leather, stamped in gold, with tissue-thin pages printed with the beloved conversations between Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. Kind of like these:

old books


In the meantime, I can’t forget the other library necessities, like a map of the world and a bust of a famous author or two. I am still hunting for the bust, but I’ve got the map-o-the-world covered:

RightGrain map

purchased from RightGrain on Etsy

This, also, is waiting on shelving to be built before being hung in my office. Oh, one of these days…

I consider this next piece a ridiculously fabulous find because it was $3. At Ikea. Kari Herer is an awesome artist, whose work I’ve had my eye on for a while (visit her Etsy shop here). Her prints are so unique. They’re the kinds of things I wish I’d thought to do. Because they are genius in their simplicity and creativity. Her prints are by no means outrageously priced, but when I spotted this one at Ikea (again, for $3), how could I say no?

kari herer print

Lastly, but not leastly, I’ll leave you with my latest winged find. Not only is this little guy adorable (his name is Chip, by the way), but I painted him myself at the bachelorette party of one of my best friends. I got to customize my color palette, and have a great memory attached to it. Whooo, whooo can resist those eyes?!?

ceramic owl

I hope you’re sharing your favorite find too!

Friday Photo Reel

my latest owl buddy, hanging out on top of one of my copies of Pride and Prejudice

autumn isn’t that far off! these colors stood out to me; bold, warm and the perfect palette for my purple & yellow family room / kitchen!

discovered this enormous caterpillar, plus his three BFFs, on my tomato plants this week. Google told me he’s a nuisance to gardens (i.e. eats like there’s no tomorrow), so they were promptly relocated to the woods.

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Have a lovely, long holiday weekend!

Owl Obsession, Continued!

Discovered these cute owl pillows in a gift shop last night. The price tag was about $15, but I think I can make one for less once we get back home.

The shop had some other owl accents, like carved wooden candle holders and iron wall accents, but I forgot to snag pics.

Weekly Wishlist: Owl Obsession

I have a thing for birds when it comes to home decor. The Portlandia skit could have been written about me.

Lately, my bird fetish can be defined more specifically to an owl obsession.

It’s okay for an adult to make a stuffed animal for herself, right???

The little guy came home with me. He’s the first “blingy” addition to our master bedroom update. Yay!

Pier 1 completely understands (and fuels!) my owl obsession! I came across these tips after I found that mug. And they even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to owls!

Glad I’m not alone in my feathered fetish! 🙂  Do you get on character kicks when you’re decorating your home?