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A Welcoming Bouquet

welcome home bouquet

Our newlywed friends returned home from their honeymoon this past weekend, and we had the privilege of picking them up from the airport. We knew they were coming home to a mostly-empty fridge and pantry, so we made up a little “Welcome Home” fruit basket and bouquet. Not exactly a fully-stocked pantry, but at least there are snacks at hand.

fruit basket

Two Things

That are making me happy right now:

1.) After 28 months on the market, and 13 months of paying two mortgages, our old home has finally sold!! And we were able to dig this guy out of the front yard and give him back to our generous neighbors who lent him to us.

st. joseph -- good luck -- twopurplecouches.com

2.) I made a little change to my office – switching out my old desk chair for a more stylish option. I’m loving how it looks, and it’s comfortable to boot! Win-win!

chair -- orange -- jossandmain -- twopurplecouches.com

Signs of Fall

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall has arrived! And maybe rather more quickly than I hoped/expected. It was 37-degrees (!) when I woke up this morning. Which practically qualifies for Winter. But, anywho… we celebrated the season’s arrival with a football-filled Sunday. We hosted a Bengals party, complete with beer cheese, Yuengling, taco soup-chili, and a specialty “Cider Cocktail” (thank you, Pinterest!).

It was a delicious Sunday 🙂

We’ve added some mums to the front porch. Once I get some new planters, pumpkins and a new wreath up on the front door, I’ll snap some pics to share!