Turn your home into a relaxing retreat for summer

If you've ever wanted to transform you home into a comfy, relaxing summer retreat, this book has you covered.

No matter if your style is rustic, modern, farmhouse, eclectic or somewhere in between, Home for Summer contains 80+ pages of beautiful home decorating ideas, delectable recipes and do-able crafts to help you turn your home into a warm, relaxing, and inspired haven.

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What's Inside

Summer inspiration, at your fingertips

Within each of the five chapters in this book, you'll find indoor and outdoor home decorating ideas, seasonally-inspired crafts, and mouth-watering recipes, all designed to help you achieve the look and feel of a relaxing summer retreat in your home. Personalize the do-it-yourself projects and crafts to suit your style and learn how to reimagine everyday items, like wine bottles and kitchen utensils, to create a beautifully decorated home without breaking your budget.

Each craft and do-it-yourself project includes a supply list and step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what you need to create and complete it. Whether you are a first-time crafter or a seasoned veteran, you'll find a variety of ideas and tips to keep you inspired throughout the season.


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