Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Tom & I took a walk around the neighborhood last night to take advantage of some very pleasant weather (this week the temps have dropped as low as 37-degrees, then risen to a balmy, humid 77-degrees, and all accompanied by rain. Blech). The builder has opened up a new section of our neighborhood. We’ve been watching them work for months – removing trees, moving land around, etc. But we haven’t walked down the street to survey the progress for ourselves.

The blacktop was poured last week. It looks like a street now!

I could barely fit this machine in the frame. I have to give land engineers (is that what they’re called?) some props. I have no idea how they turn a hill and gullies full of brush and trees into a street. If you told me to clear some land an build a house, I would have no clue where to start!