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Weekly Wishlist: Holiday-Chic Pillows

This week, I’m really loving the idea of bringing some special throw pillows into our family room for the holidays. Specifically – metallic embellishments and textured neutrals to make the room feel chic and cozy. Imagine being curled up on the sofa, homemade hot cocoa in hand, fire roaring, and tree twinkling. Ah, heavenly!

All of these picks are from Pier 1. Enjoy!


I hope everyone had a good weekend! Tom & I both took Friday off to use up some of our vacation time, and it was glorious to have a 3-day weekend. But then again, when isn’t it glorious to have a 3-day weekend?

We got some Christmas shopping done, mainly things I’ll be using for our “Winter Wonderland” metallic-y themed mantle/family room, but also a couple of gifts! We also browsed through Pier 1 and brought home two plush pillows to add some cozy texture to our couches. I have plans to build on these for aforementioned “Winter Wonderland”.

Look at all that plushy goodness! They are just so delightfully fuzzy, I can’t stop petting them. Tom thinks this is weird.

Oh, and they were 20% off, so we paid about $18 per pillow! Ow, ow!

Did you add any texture to your home this weekend? Or maybe to your wardrobe?

Me, Myself & I: First Edition

I thought I’d try something different today. I’ve been blogging for about 6 months, and I figured it’s time you learned a little more about  the girl behind the purple couches, err.. sitting on the purple couches? I dunno. Here’s some random tidbits about me!

I’m linking up with the Me, Myself & I party via My Beautiful Crazy Life.

What is your favorite season? Explain.

Hmmm..  there are aspects of every season that I love, but I think I will go with Spring. Why? The anticipation of “new”… the fact that Nature is suddenly in full Technicolor, the days get longer. And, Tom & I got married in the Spring (April 28, to be exact), and of course, that makes it a very special season 🙂

Me, in Portland, OR in 2006. Really excited to see tulips blooming.

Talk about a moment that changed your life.

A moment that sticks out the most was when I found out that my mom had lung cancer. She had gone in for a surgery – a biopsy for a spot on her lung that her doctors had been monitoring for years. The surgeon took my dad and me into a consulting room, and I knew immediately that his news wasn’t going to be “she’s all clear.” It was really surreal, having him tell me what I somehow already knew. I remember stopping for dinner on the way home that night. Being so hungry, but so unable to eat. Chewing seemed like an insurmountable task. I still find it a little difficult to eat at that restaurant. (I don’t want to end this on a sad note, though – my mom is healthy and in remission).

If you could be any Crayola crayon color, what would you be & why?

I would be Mango Tango, because oranges are warm, friendly and optimistic. Plus, this one is just fun to say!

Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?

Gosh, there are so many super powers that would rock – like being able to do stuff in hyper-speed (like washing dishes), or to have a real Time-Turner like in Harry Potter. Or even just being able to grow really tall to reach things on the top shelf. Ha. That sounds lame. But when you can’t even clear 5′, it’s the little things that matter 😉

If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?

Oh boy, this is a tough one! For clothes, JCrew, because their cuts are classics, so you’d always be comfortable and stylish. For handbags, Michael Kors. Because I would have all the money in the world and not feel (too) guilty for spending $400 on a purse or a wallet. For homegoods, Pier 1, because there is always something fun and fabulous to be found.

Hope you enjoyed learning some random stuff about me! Check out the other Link Party-goers – maybe you’ll make some new friends 🙂

Best Dresser-est

After my recent crafting adventure, I had the itch to do more plate- and bowl-painting. So I thought I’d paint up a few pieces to keep my perfumes organized.

I picked up a variety of white  porcelain appetizer-sized plates and small dip bowls at Pier 1 (the bowls were $1-$2 each! can’t beat that!). I chose to use silver paint leftover from my last project.

Loving polka dots right now!

And the look of a gilded the edge on a small scalloped bowl…

Here are a few “glamour shots” of the finished products:

They add a nice touch of “bling” to my dresser. We’re kind of at an impasse about how to decorate our bedroom, so in the meantime, I’ll just accessorize with a few little things!

Color & Character(s)

Remember my color conundrum in our family room? Well, I/we (Tom sort of voted) have made a decision! And the winner is… (drum roll please)…

lemony yellow!

In addition to bringing some pops of yellow into the gallery wall I’m planning, I think a few sunny accessories will help to round things out. So, when Saturday rolled around without any plans on the books, I headed straight for the nearest home stores!

My first stop was HomeGoods. I was initially distracted by some other fabulous finds – namely a grey ikat chair that I wish I had a need for, and an adorable little pierced porcelain lamp that I nearly brought home. Apologies for the lack of covert photos – next time I will try to capture a few peeks to share! I finally made my way to the accessories section, where I found a color-coded wall of glasswares and vases. I am a sucker for blown glass – I’ve notice lately that I have quite a few pieces around the house. Anyway, I spotted the yellow section, and this vase immediately popped out at me:

And for only $12.99, I couldn’t pass it up! There’s a nice variation of yellow, from pale to bright, and the waves at the top give it a funky look.

A few shelves down from the yellow section was the purple section, so you know I had to take a look! And there I found the cutest, quirkiest piece: a purple blown-glass chicken!

I couldn’t resist. I’ve named her Henrietta, and she looks lovely sitting next to the yellow vase on our accent table!

Next stop – Pier 1. I love exploring the aisles at Pier 1 – there is always something interesting, or embellished, that catches my eye! And this trip was no different. Apparently, I am on an animal kick right now, because I left with this little character…

Well, he’s not really that little – he’s about 2 ft. tall! And his name is Edgar. He adds a fun “safari” touch to our fireplace.

I’m loving the new touches to our family room! Still on the hunt for some other yellow pieces, but I have some things in mind. Did you add any fun pieces to your home decor family over the weekend?