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My DIY Glass Blowing Experience

Today, in the third and final installment of the Our Week Out West series, I’m sharing a pretty unique “diy” that I got to take part in during our trip!

out west

Let me start off by saying that my cousin is one of the coolest cousins ever. No, really. She is. Unless your cousin is also a glass and sculpture artist…

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Color & Character(s)

Remember my color conundrum in our family room? Well, I/we (Tom sort of voted) have made a decision! And the winner is… (drum roll please)…

lemony yellow!

In addition to bringing some pops of yellow into the gallery wall I’m planning, I think a few sunny accessories will help to round things out. So, when Saturday rolled around without any plans on the books, I headed straight for the nearest home stores!

My first stop was HomeGoods. I was initially distracted by some other fabulous finds – namely a grey ikat chair that I wish I had a need for, and an adorable little pierced porcelain lamp that I nearly brought home. Apologies for the lack of covert photos – next time I will try to capture a few peeks to share! I finally made my way to the accessories section, where I found a color-coded wall of glasswares and vases. I am a sucker for blown glass – I’ve notice lately that I have quite a few pieces around the house. Anyway, I spotted the yellow section, and this vase immediately popped out at me:

And for only $12.99, I couldn’t pass it up! There’s a nice variation of yellow, from pale to bright, and the waves at the top give it a funky look.

A few shelves down from the yellow section was the purple section, so you know I had to take a look! And there I found the cutest, quirkiest piece: a purple blown-glass chicken!

I couldn’t resist. I’ve named her Henrietta, and she looks lovely sitting next to the yellow vase on our accent table!

Next stop – Pier 1. I love exploring the aisles at Pier 1 – there is always something interesting, or embellished, that catches my eye! And this trip was no different. Apparently, I am on an animal kick right now, because I left with this little character…

Well, he’s not really that little – he’s about 2 ft. tall! And his name is Edgar. He adds a fun “safari” touch to our fireplace.

I’m loving the new touches to our family room! Still on the hunt for some other yellow pieces, but I have some things in mind. Did you add any fun pieces to your home decor family over the weekend?