Best Dresser-est

After my recent crafting adventure, I had the itch to do more plate- and bowl-painting. So I thought I’d paint up a few pieces to keep my perfumes organized.

I picked up a variety of white  porcelain appetizer-sized plates and small dip bowls at Pier 1 (the bowls were $1-$2 each! can’t beat that!). I chose to use silver paint leftover from my last project.

Loving polka dots right now!

And the look of a gilded the edge on a small scalloped bowl…

Here are a few “glamour shots” of the finished products:

They add a nice touch of “bling” to my dresser. We’re kind of at an impasse about how to decorate our bedroom, so in the meantime, I’ll just accessorize with a few little things!

10 thoughts on “Best Dresser-est

    1. twopurplecouches

      Thank you! My only complaint about this brand of paint (and a few others I’ve seen) is that it’s not safe for surfaces that you plan to eat off of. If you come across something that is, I’d love to know!

  1. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

    Hmm. This is very timely for me. I am having a polka-dot fetish at the moment… and it hadn’t actually occurred to me to make my own!

    How does the paint stand up to the glass bottoms of the bottles?

    1. twopurplecouches

      So far, so good! But I’ve only had the bottles on the plate for a few days. The instructions for the paint said it could cure two ways. The first is to let it sit for 21 days. I was too anxious to wait this long; I waited about 14 days. The second option was to cure the items in a 325-degree oven. I was planning to do this, but then second-guessed if the items were really oven save, plus, the bowl wouldn’t sit flush on the oven rack – it kept wobbling around. I’ll let you know if I notice any paint chipping off!

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