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I hope everyone had a good weekend! Tom & I both took Friday off to use up some of our vacation time, and it was glorious to have a 3-day weekend. But then again, when isn’t it glorious to have a 3-day weekend?

We got some Christmas shopping done, mainly things I’ll be using for our “Winter Wonderland” metallic-y themed mantle/family room, but also a couple of gifts! We also browsed through Pier 1 and brought home two plush pillows to add some cozy texture to our couches. I have plans to build on these for aforementioned “Winter Wonderland”.

Look at all that plushy goodness! They are just so delightfully fuzzy, I can’t stop petting them. Tom thinks this is weird.

Oh, and they were 20% off, so we paid about $18 per pillow! Ow, ow!

Did you add any texture to your home this weekend? Or maybe to your wardrobe?

Owl Obsession, Continued!

Discovered these cute owl pillows in a gift shop last night. The price tag was about $15, but I think I can make one for less once we get back home.

The shop had some other owl accents, like carved wooden candle holders and iron wall accents, but I forgot to snag pics.

Weekly Wishlist: Neon

Neon is definitely not part of the current color palette in my home, but that won’t stop me from loving these hot home-decor picks!

These bowls caught my eye a few weeks ago. They conjure up daydreams of a chic beach-side barbeque, complete with freshly made mojitos and homemade guacamole.

For a smaller splash of neon, these coasters would be a great choice. I can picture them on my outdoor table, cozying up to a cold glass of sangria.

I’ve had a thing for chevrons lately. So when I spotted chevrons in a variety of neons, I knew I was in love!

If you’re a little nervous about adding even small splashes of neon throughout your home, start with your closet! A neon top, belt, or even a fresh coat of nail polish in a vibrant hue gives you the freedom to test it out without a ton of commitment.

What’s on your wishlist this week?