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DIY Art: Black Dress Painting

I’ve been wanting to try my own hand at painting lately, i.e. without the instruction and guidance of local paint-your-own establishments.


I finally got up the courage a couple of weeks ago.

My intent was to create a series (if two can really constitute a series) of paintings to hang in our first floor half-bath. I already had the first completed from a Cheers to Art trip earlier this year.

Here’s how my solo attempt turned out:

black dress painting

Not too bad! It looks like a dress, so I’d call it a win! The only thing I’m not super-pleased with is the background. It doesn’t match the background of the shoe painting:

dress and shoes paintings

But I have no idea how I could have gotten them to match, seeing as they were painted months apart with different brands and shades of paint. So, I guess I’ll just go with it, right? My Laziness overcomes my OCD-like desire to re-do it until a perfect match is met. Plus, how crazy would I look if I had a bunch of discarded dress paintings hanging around my house? Answer: pretty crazy.

Does your Lazy battle your OCD? Which one usually wins?

Cheers to Art, No. 3

I’ve done landmarks and footwear at Cheers to Art. Now it’s time for vases and flowers.

Cheers to Art Mod Vases

This was my third trip to Cheers to Art in Madeira, Ohio, and it continues to be a blast! Seriously, you must try this, or something like it, if you can. I also planned ahead for this one, and decided to go outside of the “advertised” color palette. I’m planning teals and limes for our bonus room (more on that later this week), so I figured I might as well create some art to hang in the space!

Cheers to Art  painting

My friend Kris painted with me (thanks Kris!) I love how hers turned out! I’m sort of wishing I’d thrown in some orange or maybe just a smidge of purpley red for the flowers.

Bye Bye Beige: Part 1

I got up Saturday morning, went to the first City Flea of the season, and came home to a fully painted half-bath! Whoo! No more beige in the bathroom!

(Apologies for the dark photos; there is no natural light in this hallway/bathroom; it is perpetually dark)

painted half bath painted half bath painted hallway

The color is French Lilac by Behr.

Still on the Painting To-Do List:

– paint the kitchen (also in French Lilac)

– paint entryway and family room (Natural Gray by Behr)

– paint my office (Cathedral Gray by Behr)

– paint our bedroom and bath (tbd)

– paint stairwell, bonus room, and upstairs hallway (tbd)

Here We Go

No, I am not referencing the recent slogan of a popular light beer… we finally have some DIY-ing underway in our house! What, what!

All the planning, all the pinning, all the nagging, has led to wall paint and crown moulding being purchased this past weekend! To say I am excited is an understatement. And although we didn’t actually start one of these projects (painting) until 5pm Sunday night (better late than never, am I right?), the hallway between our kitchen and bathroom already looks loads better.

Here’s a little teaser photo for you.

hallway in Behr Premium Plus Ultra in French Lilac

Sorry about the terrible quality of this photo; this hallway is completely devoid of natural light, and it was probably about 10pm when I snapped it.

We’re a long way off from a “big reveal,” but progress is progress. Here, in short, is our current to-do list:

– paint kitchen, hallway and powder room

– install crown moulding in family room, dining room and foyer

– paint family room and foyer

– install bookshelves, storage and window seat in my office

– paint my office

Have you done any painting recently? Are you a bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed painter? Or do you start on weekend projects when your weekend is nearly over?

Something Palette-able

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture last week of some Behr paint swatches:

behr paint swatches

Well, we narrowed our choices to the following:

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in French Lilac

French Lilac for our kitchen, powder room and the hallway connecting the two. (This is quite a bit more purple-y than it looks in this swatch)

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Natural Gray

Natural Gray for our entry foyer and family room.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Cathedral Gray

Cathedral Gray for my office (which is to the left of our entry foyer).

I’m pretty excited for our new colors to start showing up on our walls! I’m so tired of our boring builder-grade beige!