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Weekend Recap

My holiday weekend was pretty low-key… it was so nice to have the extra day to look forward to! Why can’t every weekend be a 3-day weekend? Sigh… I really think we’d be a happier, more patient society if we just had a little more time to relax!
Anyway, my weekend included a bridal shower, a trip to the mall, and a trip to Panera. Oh, and watching pretty much *all* of Season 2 of Downton Abbey. I realize I’m ridiculously behind… please! No spoilers!!!

We also scoured a bunch of furniture stores in search of good President’s Day deals. We ordered a sofa for our bonus/game room upstairs! And I forgot to snap a pic of the upholstery/pillow fabric combo. Ooops. Guess you’ll just have to wait until it gets delivered in a month 🙂 Aaaannnd, we found a dining room table that we love! But I think our checkbooks would appreciate it if we wait a month or so to make that purchase.

And lastly, and I know, most-excitingly, I organized my growing washi-tape collection. (I was kidding about the “most-excitingly” part.)

Instagram -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

Check back tomorrow for a washi-tape diy to see these puppies in action!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! I hope you find something today that sends you into the weekend with a smile. I have a 3-day weekend thanks to the President’s Day holiday on Monday, and I couldn’t be more ready for an extra day to decompress. I’ve been extremely busy (and stressed as a result) at work this week, and next week is looking to bring much of the same. So the extra day to just breathe is going to be very much appreciated.

Did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day? We’re not big celebrators here at TPC (is it obnoxious that I abbreviated my own blog?), but Tom did gift me something awesome – a 3-month subscription to UmbaBox! I discovered UmbaBox earlier this week, and immediately became smitten with the concept. I cannot wait to see what I get in my first delivery! Anyone else out there subscribers to UmbaBox, or something similar?

I just want to end this post with a little thank you, for all of your likes, comments and follows. You guys make me smile every day!

Weekend Recap

A rather uneventful weekend, but sometimes those are the best!

The hunt for crown moulding began. Holy Goodness! Wood trim is expensive! And since we only want to do every room on our first floor… we’d better start saving. Or maybe we should just do the powder room??

crown moulding -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

I started playing around with some more chalkboard-inspired art, this time using some colored pencils I found in my old art box from high school art class. Good thing pencils don’t dry up over time! Also rediscovered a sleeve of oil pastels… I forgot how much I liked drawing with those… may have to pull those out in the near future and see what kind of damage I can do with them.

typography - chalkboard style - art - design -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

And lastly, I made up a batch of soup for lunches this week. Variations on butternut squash, with carrots, shallot, garlic, curry powder and a dash or so of red pepper flakes. #yum!
butternut squash soup - cooking - recipes -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

How was your weekend? Did you start/finish any projects? Or experience eyes-bugging-out over the cost of crown moulding at your local Lowes?

Lazy Sunday


Today has been a weird day. Mostly due of the weather – it’s been overcast most of the day, with really gusty winds. Then it started to rain.


And now the sun is shining and the sky is clear and blue. Weird, right?


So, it seemed like a good day to be lazy. To me, a Lazy (Fall) Sunday includes football and cooking. I feel so oddly domestic when I say I truly look forward to spending a Sunday in the kitchen. It’s weird – ever since we moved into this house, I have an overwhelming urge to be a homemaker! How can a house do that to a person?? I mean, I yearn to spend time with my oven. I don’t really even mind doing the laundry.  I relish the moments I get to spend with my house (told you this was weird) Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?!?

Anyhow, now there’s delicious black bean and zucchini chili bubbling in the crockpot and a batch of pumpkin & butterscotch cookies cooling on the kitchen table! Yum!


How have you spent your Sunday/weekend?

(ps – if you’re interested, the cookie recipe is from Annie’s Eats.)


Instagram Friday

Just thought I’d capture a few little characters around the house, inspired by the new ones we added to the mix last weekend.

Funny story about these ladies — I was actually in Moscow in 2010, but had no opportunities to go shopping or see the sights (even though I was staying a mile away from Red Square). I didn’t even have the chance to browse the airport shops. Later that year, my parents were in Alaska, and found this Matroyshka set in an authentic Russian store. So she bought them for me as a “consolation prize” for not getting to shop for my own set in Moscow!

I bought a set of these tea light birdies on clearance at Pier 1 a few years ago. They were too cute to pass up, and the price was great!

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Have a wonderful weekend! I am planning some crafty projects, so check back in next week to see how they turned out!