Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! I hope you find something today that sends you into the weekend with a smile. I have a 3-day weekend thanks to the President’s Day holiday on Monday, and I couldn’t be more ready for an extra day to decompress. I’ve been extremely busy (and stressed as a result) at work this week, and next week is looking to bring much of the same. So the extra day to just breathe is going to be very much appreciated.

Did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day? We’re not big celebrators here at TPC (is it obnoxious that I abbreviated my own blog?), but Tom did gift me something awesome – a 3-month subscription to UmbaBox! I discovered UmbaBox earlier this week, and immediately became smitten with the concept. I cannot wait to see what I get in my first delivery! Anyone else out there subscribers to UmbaBox, or something similar?

I just want to end this post with a little thank you, for all of your likes, comments and follows. You guys make me smile every day!

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