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Lazy Sunday


Today has been a weird day. Mostly due of the weather – it’s been overcast most of the day, with really gusty winds. Then it started to rain.


And now the sun is shining and the sky is clear and blue. Weird, right?


So, it seemed like a good day to be lazy. To me, a Lazy (Fall) Sunday includes football and cooking. I feel so oddly domestic when I say I truly look forward to spending a Sunday in the kitchen. It’s weird – ever since we moved into this house, I have an overwhelming urge to be a homemaker! How can a house do that to a person?? I mean, I yearn to spend time with my oven. I don’t really even mind doing the laundry.  I relish the moments I get to spend with my house (told you this was weird) Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?!?

Anyhow, now there’s delicious black bean and zucchini chili bubbling in the crockpot and a batch of pumpkin & butterscotch cookies cooling on the kitchen table! Yum!


How have you spent your Sunday/weekend?

(ps – if you’re interested, the cookie recipe is from Annie’s Eats.)