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Instagram Friday

Just thought I’d capture a few little characters around the house, inspired by the new ones we added to the mix last weekend.

Funny story about these ladies — I was actually in Moscow in 2010, but had no opportunities to go shopping or see the sights (even though I was staying a mile away from Red Square). I didn’t even have the chance to browse the airport shops. Later that year, my parents were in Alaska, and found this Matroyshka set in an authentic Russian store. So she bought them for me as a “consolation prize” for not getting to shop for my own set in Moscow!

I bought a set of these tea light birdies on clearance at Pier 1 a few years ago. They were too cute to pass up, and the price was great!

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Have a wonderful weekend! I am planning some crafty projects, so check back in next week to see how they turned out!