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Owl Obsession, Continued!

Discovered these cute owl pillows in a gift shop last night. The price tag was about $15, but I think I can make one for less once we get back home.

The shop had some other owl accents, like carved wooden candle holders and iron wall accents, but I forgot to snag pics.

Weekly Wishlist: Owl Obsession

I have a thing for birds when it comes to home decor. The Portlandia skit could have been written about me.

Lately, my bird fetish can be defined more specifically to an owl obsession.

It’s okay for an adult to make a stuffed animal for herself, right???

The little guy came home with me. He’s the first “blingy” addition to our master bedroom update. Yay!

Pier 1 completely understands (and fuels!) my owl obsession! I came across these tips after I found that mug. And they even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to owls!

Glad I’m not alone in my feathered fetish! 🙂  Do you get on character kicks when you’re decorating your home?