Two Things

That are making me happy right now:

1.) After 28 months on the market, and 13 months of paying two mortgages, our old home has finally sold!! And we were able to dig this guy out of the front yard and give him back to our generous neighbors who lent him to us.

st. joseph -- good luck --

2.) I made a little change to my office – switching out my old desk chair for a more stylish option. I’m loving how it looks, and it’s comfortable to boot! Win-win!

chair -- orange -- jossandmain --

12 thoughts on “Two Things

          1. dawndancers

            I always thought it was really hard for some reason, a mate recently did it and made me realize just how easy it is, which has resulted in me wanting to cover my entire house in beautiful fabrics lol

  1. Kates

    Congrats on selling! My husband and I are trying to sell our house and we have had no such luck! Can’t wait for the day when we can unbury Joseph!

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