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Lovey-Dovey Chalkboard Art

Love Birds Valentine's Art

The chalkboard bug bit again!

This one was simpler than my Christmas endeavor. Once I knew what I wanted to write, I cut scrapbook paper to size, lightly wrote the words in pencil, and then went over it with white acrylic paint and a fine brush. Easy-peasy.

Love Birds DIY art

Have you tried your hand at chalkboard type?

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Weekly Wishlist: Watercolor Trees by Angie Vandenbogaard

I’ve been admiring Angie’s watercolor trees ever since I discovered Etsy (circa 2008). There’s something about them that just makes me smile. She offers a bright, bold, friendly palette of colors, and I love the unique personality that each print takes on.

After so many years of admiring, I’ve finally purchased one for myself!

This is her “Hello” Print.

And I promise, promise, promise that one of these days, the elusive Family Room Gallery Wall is going to make an appearance (I’m saying this more for me than for you. I need to get a move on!). What I expected to be a quick, throw-it-together display turned into a time consuming “labor of love” where I began second-guessing everything I chose… But it’s all good now. It’s underway. And this adorable “Hello” print will be prominently featured!

You can shop Angie’s prints on Etsy here.

Weekend Photo Montage

Whew! It was a long, busy weekend! Apologies for the lack of a photo post on Friday – I was hauling dirt around our yard all day. In lieu of that, here’s a weekend recap in photos!

An “after” photo of Friday’s hard work. Doesn’t look like much, but we pulled crabgrass, spread dirt to fill in the holes we created, and re-seeded in hopes that next spring’s yard will be lush, green, and weed-free!

The berries are starting to come out on my Snowberry bush. So pretty!

Captured some raindrops on one of the Knockout rose bushes in our front yard.

We went to a wedding on Saturday night that was hosted in an art gallery. A cool environment, with a really cool view of Cincinnati at sunset.

On the way out of the reception, Tom sat down in these funky, mod chairs. I think he looks pretty handsome, no? Like Mad Men meets James Bond?

On Sunday, my mom and I hit up the Burlington Antique Show across the river in Burlington, KY. I picked up this little table – it’s the perfect size to fit between our two accent chairs. And it was only $28!! Now I just need to decide how I want to refinish it. I think spray painting is in order (yellow? black lacquer? metallic?) and I’m debating adding a mirror trim, a la Kristin of Bliss (check out her DIY makeover here). What gets your vote??

I also picked up some new, upcycled yard art at the antique show! The dragonfly is make out of silverware handles (so clever!) and the flower is made out of glass bowls. The center is a tiny amber beer mug! Ha! Love that! You can check out the artists’ website here – Allglassflowers.com.

That about covers my weekend! We finished Sunday out by watching football (welcome back, old friend) and eating some delicious black bean and zucchini chili (recipe from Real Simple)…

Now that’s what I call a good weekend!


Weekly Wishlist: Watercolor Art by Jessica Durrant

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently on Etsy, searching for a few special prints to include in our family room gallery wall. In my hunt, I came across artist Jessica Durrant, and her gorgeous watercolors.

My absolute favorites are her “Wanderlust Inspired” travel illustrations. I just think they are incredible – the colors, the subject matter, and the beautiful drips and smudges that just accent the hand-done quality of her work.

I did inquire about having a custom watercolor done of the Cincinnati Skyline, but it was a bit more than I want to spend on this project. Maybe in the future… for a special occasion or gift…

See all of Jessica’s beautiful prints in her shop.

Weekly Wishlist: Black, White and Zebra All Over

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that we’d somehow wind up with a zebra print rug front-and-center in our family room! I’d been dreaming of animal prints for months (namely a gorgeous brown-and-cream giraffe rug), but Tom wasn’t on board. Until he spotted a zebra rug at HomeGoods. Of course, I immediately agreed that it was perfect before he could change his mind. And, voila! – we went home with a zebra rug!

So ever since then, I can’t help but get excited when I see a fantastic zebra-inspired print.

How fabulous would these look around a black pedestal dining table?!?

This bench would be perfect for a custom walk-in closet, for seating and for storage. And the soft grey is a nice way to ease into animal prints if you’re nervous about making too bold of a statement.

How about a Zebra cowhide rug? This would definitely be a “conversation” piece. I would place it under a glass coffee table so you could still enjoy the shape and print.

This chest is incredible. This would be amazing in a dining room, bedroom, or even in a foyer.

from Horchow

Zebra doesn’t always have to be so black and white! I love a good colorful print. It feels fresh, modern, and a touch youthful. This print by Britt Browne is particularly cool. (wish it wasn’t $200!!)

via Stampa

If you’d rather start with a small dose of the safari-inspired, how about a bright green zebra matchbox?