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Piano Planning

As mentioned in my List-O-Mania post, one “to-do” item is to have my piano moved from my parent’s house to our house.

the piano will go here, up against the stairs in our family room

But before we can do that, we need a rug to go underneath it.

I was originally planning to bind a leftover swatch of our carpeting. I figured this would do a good enough job. And it would be free. (well sort of; the carpet would be free but we’d still have to pay to have it bound). But the more I thought about it, the more I doubted that a carpet swatch was the way to go. Our carpeting is kind of a non-descript oatmeal-y color (as you can see above on the stairs). Perfectly neutral for the rest of our home, but maybe the piano deserves more pizzazz.

But now I was stumped. What type of rug should I look for? What would go best with the room? How could we add a little pop of color or pattern without overwhelming the rest of the room?

Until one day, when I found this beauty in a Land of Nod catalogue!

It’s the perfect size  (4′ x 6′).

It’s woven.

It’s purple.

… and the kicker…

It’s reversible!

And it’s on it’s way to our house now! FedEx – please get my little lavender beauty here safe and sound!

Weekly Wishlist: Black, White and Zebra All Over

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that we’d somehow wind up with a zebra print rug front-and-center in our family room! I’d been dreaming of animal prints for months (namely a gorgeous brown-and-cream giraffe rug), but Tom wasn’t on board. Until he spotted a zebra rug at HomeGoods. Of course, I immediately agreed that it was perfect before he could change his mind. And, voila! – we went home with a zebra rug!

So ever since then, I can’t help but get excited when I see a fantastic zebra-inspired print.

How fabulous would these look around a black pedestal dining table?!?

This bench would be perfect for a custom walk-in closet, for seating and for storage. And the soft grey is a nice way to ease into animal prints if you’re nervous about making too bold of a statement.

How about a Zebra cowhide rug? This would definitely be a “conversation” piece. I would place it under a glass coffee table so you could still enjoy the shape and print.

This chest is incredible. This would be amazing in a dining room, bedroom, or even in a foyer.

from Horchow

Zebra doesn’t always have to be so black and white! I love a good colorful print. It feels fresh, modern, and a touch youthful. This print by Britt Browne is particularly cool. (wish it wasn’t $200!!)

via Stampa

If you’d rather start with a small dose of the safari-inspired, how about a bright green zebra matchbox?

Trimming a Rug Pad

Even though I think it was the same dimension, our rug pad was slightly larger than our rug. The weekend that we moved in, we threw everything down just to get the furniture in the room, knowing we’d go back and finesse the placement later. But we never got around to trimming the rug pad, so you could see the ugly grey fiber pad peeking out at the edges.

see it there? near the bottom left?

Tacky, I know.

But, there’s nothing like a party to get your home whipped into tip-top shape! So I insisted that we trim the rug pad before having people over a few weeks ago. By now, our rug and furniture were placed precisely where we wanted them, so there were bits of pad sticking out on multiple sides. We moved the coffee table and couches, then repositioned the rug so that we’d only have to make 2 cuts instead of 4. But then we were stumped with how to measure it so we’d get a nice, straight line. Tom quickly put on his engineer hat and devised this genius move: using our laser level as a cutting guide!

genius idea, right?

nice ‘n straight

And there you have it! An easy way to trim a rug pad!

Much better!