Weekly Wishlist: Watercolor Art by Jessica Durrant

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently on Etsy, searching for a few special prints to include in our family room gallery wall. In my hunt, I came across artist Jessica Durrant, and her gorgeous watercolors.

My absolute favorites are her “Wanderlust Inspired” travel illustrations. I just think they are incredible – the colors, the subject matter, and the beautiful drips and smudges that just accent the hand-done quality of her work.

I did inquire about having a custom watercolor done of the Cincinnati Skyline, but it was a bit more than I want to spend on this project. Maybe in the future… for a special occasion or gift…

See all of Jessica’s beautiful prints in her shop.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Wishlist: Watercolor Art by Jessica Durrant

      1. Taylor Moseley

        That’s how i decorate! I just keep everything really simple, white, gray, blue… and then i can put whatever art up i want. Not sure how all the white will go down when i finally have kids tho.:)

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