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How To: Create a Gallery Wall

How to create a gallery wall

Finally! After months and months and months and… you get the picture (ha! pun intended), we finally have a gallery wall in our family room. I thought the hardest part would be arranging the frames, but the hardest part turned out to be selecting what would go up on the wall! And dealing with a certain unruly zebra pencil sketch whose dimensions didn’t want to cooperate with the frames I’d purchased.

Let me give you a breakdown of how to hang it – I found this method to be SUPER  helpful, and I would definitely use it again.


Start by tracing your frames onto paper. I’ve seen all kinds of things on Pinterest, like craft paper or newspaper. I started this after Christmas (yes, I realize that was nearly 3 months ago… I am notoriously/embarrassingly slow at completely projects), so I grabbed a pile of used wrapping paper that was, errm, still is, waiting to be recycled.

Molly Helper

If possible, employ a frame-tracing helper. An 8-lb puppy is excellent for this task, until she starts shredding all of the paper all over the floor…

wall template -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

Once you’ve got all your templates traced and cut, arrange them on your wall with tape. It was awesome how easy it was to rearrange the layout until I was happy with it. And great to see a “true-to-life” size layout instead of just doing sketches on the backs of junk mail envelopes. I had also arranged the frames & pictures on the floor, but seeing the arrangement up on the wall made it a little easier to evaluate what went next to what, how close/far apart should they be, etc.

From here, you can mark where you want the nails to go, or nail directly through the paper templates. Then get to the good part… hanging!


If you’re curious, here are some details on what I chose to hang. From top left: hummingbird photo by EZ Pudewa (of Creature Comforts fame), which I purchased from her Society6 shop / watercolor tree print by Angie Vandenbogaard / culinary postcard / zebra pencil sketch from my dad’s aunt / leftover suzani fabric from my placemat project.


I like that we still have room to add onto the gallery, especially on the sides, or upward to the ceiling. I don’t feel like it’s quite “finished” yet, but at least it’s a nice little collection to start from!

Have you hung a gallery wall? Have you tried the template method? Or did another tip work really well?

PS – all of the frames came from Michaels. They offer quite a few options in a Gallery collection, and you can even find/buy templates to follow if you don’t want to create one yourself. They weren’t too pricey, but I made sure to stock up when they were on sale, or take my 40%-off coupons with me. Another reason why it took a while to put this together 😉

Weekly Wishlist: Watercolor Trees by Angie Vandenbogaard

I’ve been admiring Angie’s watercolor trees ever since I discovered Etsy (circa 2008). There’s something about them that just makes me smile. She offers a bright, bold, friendly palette of colors, and I love the unique personality that each print takes on.

After so many years of admiring, I’ve finally purchased one for myself!

This is her “Hello” Print.

And I promise, promise, promise that one of these days, the elusive Family Room Gallery Wall is going to make an appearance (I’m saying this more for me than for you. I need to get a move on!). What I expected to be a quick, throw-it-together display turned into a time consuming “labor of love” where I began second-guessing everything I chose… But it’s all good now. It’s underway. And this adorable “Hello” print will be prominently featured!

You can shop Angie’s prints on Etsy here.

Weekly Wishlist: Watercolor Art by Jessica Durrant

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently on Etsy, searching for a few special prints to include in our family room gallery wall. In my hunt, I came across artist Jessica Durrant, and her gorgeous watercolors.

My absolute favorites are her “Wanderlust Inspired” travel illustrations. I just think they are incredible – the colors, the subject matter, and the beautiful drips and smudges that just accent the hand-done quality of her work.

I did inquire about having a custom watercolor done of the Cincinnati Skyline, but it was a bit more than I want to spend on this project. Maybe in the future… for a special occasion or gift…

See all of Jessica’s beautiful prints in her shop.

Inspiration for a Gallery Wall

Along with selecting an accent color for our family room, I’m also dreaming of creating a gallery wall of photos and art prints. Our walls are still pretty bare, and I’m looking forward to hunting for unique pieces to fill them up!

I’ve been browsing Pinterest, Houzz and other blogs for inspiration, tips, and tricks for how to achieve a creative gallery wall. I’m a little apprehensive about how to mix and match a variety of prints and photos, but the more ideas I find, the more confident I become about pulling this off!  Here are a few of my favorite gallery wall ideas:

This arrangement fills the space nicely, and incorporates a variety of images, frames and mat sizes.

Love how this one incorporates more than just photography and art, but mirrors, candle sconces, etc. Don’t you love how the thermostat looks like it fits in?!

This collection is very neat and orderly. Also love the incorporation of the letter!

This one is uniform without feeling too expected. I like that if forms a larger rectangle, but the individual frames are different dimensions.

Which of the 4 arrangements is your favorite?