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DIY Valentine’s Bookmark

Need a last-minute Valentine idea? How about a bookmark!

S&S bookmark

What you’ll need:

– scrapbook paper

– cardstock

– ribbon or yarn pom (optional)

P&P bookmark

What to do:

Measure and cut both your scrapbook paper and cardstock to the same dimensions; the ones I made are about 6-inches x 2-inches.

Glue your scrapbook paper to your cardstock. Add any extra shapes, letters, whatever you please. I “embellished” mine with some scrapbook paper hearts I made with a paper punch.

If you want to add a tassel, yarn pom or ribbon, use a hole punch at the top of your bookmark, and thread through.

Add a little hand-written note on the back to your special Valentine <3

vday note

What’s your favorite romance novel or romantic story? Mine is clearly of the Jane Austen variety 😉

Valentine’s Day Mantel

I held out on the “winter” decor as long as I could, but it’s time to transition our fireplace mantel to Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Mantel -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

I kept a few of my favorite things from my Christmas/winter scheme, like the mercury glass pillars and the natural elements/twigs (spruced up with a few sprigs of red); then added the awesome red mercury glass Target clearance items, a blown-glass flower, and some red-and-black books for height and color. I also brought Edgar back into the mix. I mean, elephants are a symbol of love and affection, right? No? Oh well. Call it a new tradition, then.

Valentine's Day Mantel -- TwoPurpleCouches.com

Full Disclosure: I fully intended to add a lovey phrase to the red wrapping paper background inside the frame. But the stars, err Cupid?, were against me. I had a phrase all picked out and typed up. I played with font sizes until I got them big enough to show up. And then things started to fall apart – when I tried to print them, the pages were all out of whack, thus splitting one letter onto two pages. When I finally got that sorted out, our printer was out of ink. Or rather, out of black ink. And would only print in blue. Bah! Call me lazy, accuse me of not being a finisher. I don’t care. I’m fine with the hit of red as it is. And who knows, maybe I’ll find renewed energy, and a black ink cartridge, over the weekend!

Are you a finisher or an un-finisher?


Lovey-Dovey Chalkboard Art

Love Birds Valentine's Art

The chalkboard bug bit again!

This one was simpler than my Christmas endeavor. Once I knew what I wanted to write, I cut scrapbook paper to size, lightly wrote the words in pencil, and then went over it with white acrylic paint and a fine brush. Easy-peasy.

Love Birds DIY art

Have you tried your hand at chalkboard type?

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DIY Valentine’s Garland

DIY Valentines Garland

This homemade DIY Valentine’s Day garland is SUPER simple to make and pretty cheap, depending on what you’ve got lying around your craft bin/room. This project cost me a whopping $0.58 + tax!!! I had every item on-hand except the red felt for the hearts. CanIgettawhoopwhoop???

What you need:

– yarn, in your choice of color(s)

– felt

– baker’s twine

– craft glue

What you do:

Make 4-6 yarn pom-poms (or as many as you want for the length of garland you’ll have).

Cut 12-16 hearts out of felt, in any size you want. I wanted my hearts to be slightly larger than the pom-poms, and I decided to use 2 felt hearts to create a front and back, glueing just the top and bottom edges so I could thread the baker’s twine through the center.

felt and twine

Measure out your baker’s twine, leaving extra for the swag (if you want swag, that is).

Then, thread on the felt hearts, tie on the pom-poms, hang, swag and ta-da! You’ve got garland!

Felt heart and yarn pom garland

Valentines Garland

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