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Weekly Wishlist: Black, White and Zebra All Over

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that we’d somehow wind up with a zebra print rug front-and-center in our family room! I’d been dreaming of animal prints for months (namely a gorgeous brown-and-cream giraffe rug), but Tom wasn’t on board. Until he spotted a zebra rug at HomeGoods. Of course, I immediately agreed that it was perfect before he could change his mind. And, voila! – we went home with a zebra rug!

So ever since then, I can’t help but get excited when I see a fantastic zebra-inspired print.

How fabulous would these look around a black pedestal dining table?!?

This bench would be perfect for a custom walk-in closet, for seating and for storage. And the soft grey is a nice way to ease into animal prints if you’re nervous about making too bold of a statement.

How about a Zebra cowhide rug? This would definitely be a “conversation” piece. I would place it under a glass coffee table so you could still enjoy the shape and print.

This chest is incredible. This would be amazing in a dining room, bedroom, or even in a foyer.

from Horchow

Zebra doesn’t always have to be so black and white! I love a good colorful print. It feels fresh, modern, and a touch youthful. This print by Britt Browne is particularly cool. (wish it wasn’t $200!!)

via Stampa

If you’d rather start with a small dose of the safari-inspired, how about a bright green zebra matchbox?