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Bit by Bit

Let me tell you a story. A beautiful little love story.
Girl meets Fabric (it just so happens that they meet on the Internet).

Swavelle:Mill Creek Gunnison Grasshopper

Girl falls head over heels for Fabric. She thinks it might be a passing fancy, since Fabric is on clearance. You know how those clearance types are.

Girl wakes up one day and realizes her undying love for Fabric. She and Fabric exchange Orders (that’s fabric for vows), and they live happily ever after in Home Decor Haven.

Did that get weird? Sorry. But, I really, really, REALLY love this fabric. It’s by Swavelle / Mill Creek. And it’s on Last Chance clearance at Fabric.com. So if you think you love it to, go get her before she’s gone!

With this swatch, I’m starting to decorate our bonus room upstairs. Now that we’ve got some furniture, we need some accessories (my favorite part!). I don’t love the fabric on the throw pillows that came with our sofa, but I lurrrrve this fabric (have I said that already?), and I know it will look amaze-balls against the charcoal grey upholstery! Is it out of style to match your pillows and your drapes? Because I would LOVE to make drapes out of this fabric, too. Come to think of it, I would love a floor-to-ceiling room made out of this fabric. Too much? Probably.

side table

Anyway, with this color palette in mind, I’m starting to collect accessories. I’ve been assuming I’d put the Satchel & Sage feather print in my office, since everything that doesn’t have a place will probably end up in my office, but doesn’t it work great with this tealy-turquoisey glass candle holder? And the other print is a postcard that I received as a bonus for an order I placed with Mary Elizabeth Arts through Etsy a number of years ago.

So while this is just one tiny, tiny corner of our room (clearly)…

family room bonus room

it’s a start!

How do you start decorating a room? Do you go all in at once, or bit-by-bit?

Here We Go

No, I am not referencing the recent slogan of a popular light beer… we finally have some DIY-ing underway in our house! What, what!

All the planning, all the pinning, all the nagging, has led to wall paint and crown moulding being purchased this past weekend! To say I am excited is an understatement. And although we didn’t actually start one of these projects (painting) until 5pm Sunday night (better late than never, am I right?), the hallway between our kitchen and bathroom already looks loads better.

Here’s a little teaser photo for you.

hallway in Behr Premium Plus Ultra in French Lilac

Sorry about the terrible quality of this photo; this hallway is completely devoid of natural light, and it was probably about 10pm when I snapped it.

We’re a long way off from a “big reveal,” but progress is progress. Here, in short, is our current to-do list:

– paint kitchen, hallway and powder room

– install crown moulding in family room, dining room and foyer

– paint family room and foyer

– install bookshelves, storage and window seat in my office

– paint my office

Have you done any painting recently? Are you a bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed painter? Or do you start on weekend projects when your weekend is nearly over?

Something Palette-able

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture last week of some Behr paint swatches:

behr paint swatches

Well, we narrowed our choices to the following:

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in French Lilac

French Lilac for our kitchen, powder room and the hallway connecting the two. (This is quite a bit more purple-y than it looks in this swatch)

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Natural Gray

Natural Gray for our entry foyer and family room.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Cathedral Gray

Cathedral Gray for my office (which is to the left of our entry foyer).

I’m pretty excited for our new colors to start showing up on our walls! I’m so tired of our boring builder-grade beige!

Color Conundrum

I’ve been thinking that our family room palette needs an accent color. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the eggplant & lilac tones, but it feels a little flat. I think a few splashes of something bright, maybe a little bold, could pull it all together. I’m also trying to think ahead for our future Kitchen Backsplash project – we’re both gravitating toward a colored mosaic tile rather than neutral tones (we have enough brown tones in our kitchen).

My original vision for the family room was a palette along these lines.

I haven’t quite achieved it, and I don’t think that Tom is 100% on board with the “deep peony” and “dusty lavender” colors. It seems to have landed more in this palette:

And while I love these tones, I think it needs a pop of something that’s the complete opposite of purple (maybe not literally). Now, if it were completely up to me, it would probably wind up looking like a rainbow threw up in our room, 1) because I love color and 2) because I’m indecisive. Tom is a staunch lover of safe neutrals. So somehow, we strike a balance.

Here are some top color contenders. I’d like to keep it focused on just one of these, bringing in small splashes through accents like a vase, a blanket or throw, some artwork, more pillows (!), etc.

Which would you vote for?