Trimming a Rug Pad

Even though I think it was the same dimension, our rug pad was slightly larger than our rug. The weekend that we moved in, we threw everything down just to get the furniture in the room, knowing we’d go back and finesse the placement later. But we never got around to trimming the rug pad, so you could see the ugly grey fiber pad peeking out at the edges.

see it there? near the bottom left?

Tacky, I know.

But, there’s nothing like a party to get your home whipped into tip-top shape! So I insisted that we trim the rug pad before having people over a few weeks ago. By now, our rug and furniture were placed precisely where we wanted them, so there were bits of pad sticking out on multiple sides. We moved the coffee table and couches, then repositioned the rug so that we’d only have to make 2 cuts instead of 4. But then we were stumped with how to measure it so we’d get a nice, straight line. Tom quickly put on his engineer hat and devised this genius move: using our laser level as a cutting guide!

genius idea, right?

nice ‘n straight

And there you have it! An easy way to trim a rug pad!

Much better!