Piano Planning

As mentioned in my List-O-Mania post, one “to-do” item is to have my piano moved from my parent’s house to our house.

the piano will go here, up against the stairs in our family room

But before we can do that, we need a rug to go underneath it.

I was originally planning to bind a leftover swatch of our carpeting. I figured this would do a good enough job. And it would be free. (well sort of; the carpet would be free but we’d still have to pay to have it bound). But the more I thought about it, the more I doubted that a carpet swatch was the way to go. Our carpeting is kind of a non-descript oatmeal-y color (as you can see above on the stairs). Perfectly neutral for the rest of our home, but maybe the piano deserves more pizzazz.

But now I was stumped. What type of rug should I look for? What would go best with the room? How could we add a little pop of color or pattern without overwhelming the rest of the room?

Until one day, when I found this beauty in a Land of Nod catalogue!

It’s the perfect size  (4′ x 6′).

It’s woven.

It’s purple.

… and the kicker…

It’s reversible!

And it’s on it’s way to our house now! FedEx – please get my little lavender beauty here safe and sound!

6 thoughts on “Piano Planning

    1. twopurplecouches

      Thank you! I love this cherry stain too! We haven’t had them refinished (the floor is less than a year old).
      I just wipe them down once a week with a dry Swiffer or microfiber cloth. Every few months I clean them with Bruce brand hardwood cleaner.

  1. Taylor Moseley

    I agree with Victoria, the cherry red floor is GORGEOUS. I would pick a rug that contrasts against the floor but also compliments it, like maybe something with green b/c green and red are complimentary colors, but they are also opposite on the color wheel, so they would contrast enough that both the rug and the floor got the same attention and did not compete with one another. And, yes, def go for a rug that stands out, b/c a piano is a beautiful instrument and should be showcased!!!!

    I have “piano lessons” on my bucket list for this year… I need to get a keyboard first, but hopefully this year wont get away from me…

    1. twopurplecouches

      Thanks for the tip! I haven’t played for years, mainly because my piano hasn’t been in my own home in over 5 years! You should definitely take lessons! I think playing is a great stress reliever!

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