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Weekly Wishlist: Booksi Book Docks

I discovered these book docks by Rich Neeley Designs on Etsy a few months ago. He takes new and vintage books and turns them into docks for your iPhone, iPad, etc. How cool is that!?

His selection is a proverbial candy store for English majors: Shakespeare, Austen, Wilde, Bronte… sooooo many great titles to choose from. Bonus: they do custom orders, too! Don’t you think they’d make a great holiday gift for the classic-literature-loving-and-technology-savvy person in your life? (hint, hint).

Check out the Rich Neeley Designs Etsy shop here.

Instagram Friday

I’m trying out something new I’m calling Instagram Friday. I’m not super into Instagram, nor do I have my panties in a twist over Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram. I just think it’s cool to play with the different filters to give your photos a cool effect. Right now, the only camera I use is the one on my iPhone 4s. It’s better than the actual camera we own (8 megapixels vs. 3 maybe?). So every photo I take, and every photo here on the blog, can be attributed to my iPhone camera. Maybe someday that will change, but for now, it’s part of my schtick.

So anyway, I thought I’d feature some fun shots of things around the house that I’ve “Instagrammed.”

lamp detail, dresser “face”, wood grain

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Have a lovely weekend!