Childhood Vacations and Wood Plank Art

DIY your own Wood Plank Art by Two Purple Couches #diy #art #america #woodart #rustic

With summer in full-swing, it’s got me thinking about vacations and road-trips. About packing up suitcases, loading up the car, and unfolding the map of adventure. About new scenery, new foods, and learning something about our country along the way.

Today, I’m over at VRAI Magazine sharing a bit about my childhood vacations, and the wood plank art that they inspired me to create.

I’m pretty much in love with this project. It turned out better than I could have hoped, I did every single step myself, and it holds a lot of personal meaning. So, really, it’s a trifecta of diy awesomeness!

Wood Plank Map art by Two Purple Couches #diy #art #america #woodart #rustic

Head on over to VRAI Magazine to catch the step-by-step (I promise it’s pretty simple!), plus some other great Americana-inspired article.

Oh, and you’ll get to see some throwback pics of me when I was a kid! Isn’t that reason enough in itself? I think there’s a fanny pack involved in at least one. Oh the 90’s…