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Tips for Tapping into Your Creativity

Tips for Being Creative

Whether or not you believe it, you are creative. Everyone is creative in some way. But, creativity doesn’t always come easy. And for those of us who depend on our creativity for our salaries, whether working for an agency or working for ourselves, it can feel even harder to “turn it on” when we need it most.

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Life Letters

homemade waffles

Recently, a topic came up amongst my bloggy friends that got me thinking: how much of our personal lives do we share? And how will our readers respond? And I’m not thinking of what sorts of things we did over the weekend or what lives with our husbands or kids is like, but diving into our backstories. Where we come from. What we’ve been through.

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A New Year. A New Me. Sort of.

Washington Park

Happy Friday! It’s a snowy mess here in Cincy, but all the trees and clean white snow look gorgeous, so I’ll take it. I hope you’ve been spending the first days of this new year getting psyched for the remaining 362 days. I’ve been spending some time re-working my About page. My old one was okay, but it didn’t really tell you a whole lot about me, myself, and I (oh, and the hubs, too, of course).

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