Kate Spade Inspired Mug

Create a Kate Spade inspired mug with Silhouette vinyl by Two Purple Couches #silhouette #vinyl #diy #knockoffproject #katespade #diyproject

I love it when I get to wear my DIY hat to work. While my job as a copywriter is creative, I don’t usually get “hands on” with design and diy kind of work. So I get excited when the opportunity arises. Sometimes for projects, we get to dimensionalize the type of consumer we’re trying to reach, and that means we get to bring them to life in a real sort of way. And for a recent project, that meant I got to whip up a Kate Spade inspired mug to represent our target consumer.

And to make said Kate Spade inspired mug, I decided it was time to try out the gold vinyl I bought for my Silhouette Cameo.

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I Heart Handmade: Some Days Ago Jewelry {and a giveaway!}

I Heart Handmade: Some Days Ago handcrafted jewelry #somedaysago #buyhandmade #jewelry

Friends, I have a brand new I Heart Handmade feature and a fab, fab, fab new artist to share with you today!

You may have seen this recent photo I took of a stunning copper ring I purchased at the City Flea a few weeks ago. Readers, allow me to introduce Some Days Ago. And when I contacted Leilah, the founder and artist behind the brand, to gush about her jewelry and ask if I could feature her, she jumped at the chance. Which made me really giddy, because I really think you’re going to love, love, love her pieces!

And? She’s graciously offered to give away one of her beautiful bracelets! But before we get to that, I want to tell you more about Leilah & her work…

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Fifty Shades of Greige Paint

Tips for choosing the perfect hue of greige paint for your home.  #painting #diy

Sorry, sorry. That was a terrible pun. But I just couldn’t help myself. It was right there, dangling its perfect punny-ness in my face. And I had to do it. Forgive me?

But in all seriousness, there are some exciting happenings in our master bedroom… ohmygawwwwwd, this pun just took a terrible, terrible turn…

How about I just start over?

One more room in our home is about to be banished of Builder Beige! And instead, replaced with the perfect Greige paint!

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Get the Most Out of Urban Flea Markets

Cincinnati's Washington Park and The City Flea. #thecityflea #thisisotr

Ya’ll know I love me some handmade goods. And even more so, I love me some locally made handmade goods! Cincinnati has a thriving handmade culture, from The City Flea to the Crafty Supermarket, and so much more. Given my enthusiasm for these types of events, I figured I should share some of the tips I’ve picked up from attending, ahem, a few, over the past few years. So, I give you: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Urban Flea Markets…

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One Small Favor

Friends, I have some exciting news, as well as a small favor to ask of you in today’s post.

And I hope you won’t mind me asking, because it truly comes from the heart.

I’ve shared on here about my recent adventure joining the VRAI Magazine team. Our mission is to tell genuine stories that impact and add value to our lives in real and meaningful ways. And our team has worked tirelessly to bring this mission to life in every aspect of the magazine.

But we have another vision that pushes our mission even further.

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Life Letters: On Doing Nothing


Do you have a hard time doing nothing? I do.

I am always go-go-go. Even on vacation, I like having a to-do list of places to go and sights to see. It’s what I’m used to; it’s how our family vacationed when I was a kid. We were never sit-on-the-beach kind of people.

We just got back from a sit-on-the-beach kind of vacation. And it really got me thinking about my relaxation habits. Or lack thereof.

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Where to Spend vs. Save When Building a House

If you are thinking of building a home or in the construction process, consider these tips on where to spend versus where to save as you think about upgrades, finishes, etc. #homebuilding #newconstruction #homeimprovement

I began writing Two Purple Couches about six months after Tom and I moved into our home. I still kick myself for not starting it sooner, like maybe, the day we signed our contract with our builder. I wish I’d documented the building process through blogging, both for the personal side of watching our home come together wall-by-wall and brick-by-brick, but also because building a house can seem like a daunting task, and sometimes you want a little bit of advice or a tip here an there to make the process feel easier.

So, 2.5 years later, here are some of the best tips that we picked up. I am by no means an expert, but we got some good advice from family, co-workers and even our realtor that has proved to be true thus far in the life of our home.

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Summer Garden Tour

A bright and colorful garden tour awaits at Two Purple Couches #gardening #gardentour #dahlia #hydrangea #vegetablegardening

So I just realized that it’s August (whaaaa!?), and I’ve never taken you guys on our garden tour! I’ve talked about various gardening projects I’ve done, but never given you the full-monty view of our yard.

Please accept my apologies.

So, without further ado… the moment you’ve all been waiting for (at least I hope so)…

The Two Purple Couches Summer Garden Tour!

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Abstract Washi Tape Art

Create your own abstract art using rolls of washi tape by Two Purple Couches #washitape #washitapeproject #diyart

It’s no secret that I love me some washi tape. I don’t know what it is about these tiny rolls of printed and patterned goodness, but I can’t get enough! And thanks to Scotch being one of the Haven sponsors, my washi tape collection doubled! All of this awesome new tape was burning a hole in my craft supply pocket and I couldn’t wait to start creating with it. So I’ve got a fun, quick and simple art project to share with you today: abstract washi tape art!

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