Simple Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape by Two Purple Couches

We’re hosting Easter for the first time this year. Which means: cleaning, decorating, menu-planning, and tablescape-creating. So far, I have one of those items checked off my list. Oh wait! One-and-a-half. I have my menu sort-of planned out. But, at least I have a lovely, simple Easter tablescape to share with you today!

And if you’re a last-minute planner (yes, that’s a thing) like me, you can probably pull off a similar setting with plenty of time leftover to get those hardboiled eggs dyed.

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Everblooming Paper Bouquet

Create a Paper Bouquet by Two Purple Couches

Today I’m super-excited to participating in another Silhouette Challenge! So after you’ve checked out my spring-inspired project, please go check out all the other incredible projects that my bloggy buddies have created to get you excited and inspired for this fresh new season!

One of my favorite things about Spring is planting my garden. It’s like Spring’s version of Christmas Day… heading to the nursery, picking out all kinds of colorful blooms and filling up every pot and bed in our yard. Since it’s still just a bit early here in Ohio, and the temperatures still a tad unpredictable, to plant our garden, I created a sunny paper bouquet to tide me over until I can head out to my favorite nursery!

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Where I Shop for Home Decor

Where to shop for home decor by Two Purple Couches

I miiight have a bit of an obsession with home decor. I seriously think I could shop for home decor all the live-long day, whether walking down aisles stocked with candle holders, vases and random objets, to browsing sites full of pillows, throws and art. I’m not sure why I love it so much… maybe because each piece conjures up endless possibilities for styling and arranging. How this piece would change the look of a traditional versus contemporary room. Or mixing glam with vintage. Or French accessories with Moroccan textiles. Maybe I missed a calling to become an interior designer??

Anyway, this post isn’t meant for you to listen to me ramble, it’s to show you where I love to shop! Or, where I find myself most frequently. I’ve noticed that I have a very distinct list of where I buy versus where I browse when it comes to home decor.

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I Heart Handmade: Natasha J + a Giveaway

Natasha J Collection Giveaway - Two Purple Couches

Happy Thursday friends! I’m sharing one of my absolute favorite jewelry artists with you today, AND! There’s a giveaway at the end of this post! Hooray!

How much can I gush about an artist before I seem like some sort of creeper? Because I LOVE Natasha J Collection jewelry. So. Much.

I first fell in love with her handcrafted ceramic jewelry at one of last year’s Crafty Supermarket events. I resisted the urge to buy up her whole table and instead carefully selected one of her lovely half-moon necklaces in a light tealy blue color. (This exact same half-moon necklace showed up months later in my Umba Box. Great minds buy handmade alike, am I right?).

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Dining Room Mood Board

Dining Room Mood Board - Two Purple Couches

We’ve been living 2+ years with an empty dining room, and while this isn’t a big deal, the dining room is theĀ very first room you see when you come in the front door. And a completely bare, completely beige room really wasn’t setting a great tone for the rest of the house!

Once we got a fresh coat of paint on the walls (Calico by Devoe) and some pretty wainscotting and crown moulding installed back in the Fall, it was time to get serious about decorating this room. So I created a dining room mood board to help me pull it all together.

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