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Adding Stainless Style to a Laundry Room

Upgrade a laundry sink to add function and style to your laundry room. A new stainless steel sink adds durability while being easy to care for.

laundry sink after

Over the past few months, my husband and I have been in the process of updating our laundry room. We haven’t touched this space since we moved into our new construction home in 2011, and it was time to tackle this room! The three main things I wanted to change/update were 1) the wall color (no more “builder beige”), 2) add better storage with wall-to-wall cabinets, and 3) install a new sink and faucet to replace the plastic utility tub. My vision was a space that would be much more functional, and stylish, for our family of three.

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Our old utility tub had taken a bit of beating since we moved in. It was dirty and stained, mostly from being used to clean up crafting messes and rinse out paint brushes and rollers. It was a cheap, builder-grade tub with a basic faucet. When the cold water knob in the faucet broke several years ago, I just stopped using the tub altogether. After our daughter was born and I realized I needed a spot to soak her stained and soiled clothes, I resorted to our bathroom sink.

old plastic utility laundry sink

As I began searching for a new laundry sink, I had a hard time finding an option that would work for our family’s needs as well as the layout of the room. Since we weren’t taking out a wall or relocating our washer and dryer, we had limited space. When I came across the Sinkology Wilson model in the FORTIFY Crafted Stainless Steel Collection, I knew I’d found the perfect sink for our laundry room.

When we first unpacked our Wilson sink, I was thinking we’d need to hire a plumber to install it for us. As I read through the instructions in the provided installation guide, I realized it would be easy for us to do this ourselves. And I was right! The sink installation process was very simple and straightforward, and the instructions easy to follow.

The first phase of this project was to get a cabinet and countertop in place that would fit the sink, since our old utility tub was anchored into the wall. We found a laminate countertop and a 21-inch wide cabinet at our local hardware store. We used a circular saw to cut the countertop to size and removed the back of the cabinet to accommodate plumbing.

We followed the instructions in the installation guide to trace an opening in the countertop for the sink, then used a jigsaw to cut it out.

tracing countertop for new laundry sink

cutting countertop for new laundry sink

Once the cabinet and countertop were securely in place, we were ready to install our new Wilson sink! It took us a few hours to get the sink and faucet in place, but the process went very smoothly.

cabinet in place for laundry sink

installing new faucet

With the All-in-One Kit, we had everything we needed for our new sink. Our kit included a Pfister faucet, drain of our choice (either disposal or strainer), and a stainless care kit. We chose the super sleek Pfister Kai faucet in matte black and oh my goodness, it’s the prettiest faucet I’ve ever seen!

new stainless laundry sink

The Wilson is absolutely gorgeous. It’s like a work of art. The polished hammered stainless sink is stunning in person, and it actually helps bounce light around the room. Our laundry room has no windows, so this little bonus benefit helps it feel lighter and brighter.

polished stainless laundry sink

The combination of the Wilson sink and the Pfister Kai faucet fit perfectly in the space we were working with. The Wilson sink isn’t as wide as many other sinks, but it is very deep. This, combined with the high arc of the Kai faucet means there’s plenty of space to fit just about anything in this sink. I can easily water smaller potted plants, fill vases or pitchers, and even fill the tank on our daughter’s room humidifier, which doesn’t fit under our bathroom faucets. The Kai faucet also has a pull-down sprayhead and three different settings, so you can toggle between a spray and a stream with one finger.

Sinkology Wilson stainless sink from Fortify Collection paired with Pfister Kai faucet

Sinkology Wilson stainless sink in polished hammered finish

I’m so, so happy that we chose the Wilson Crafted stainless sink. I like to mix classic and modern elements when I’m designing a room. Stainless steel is a timeless style, and I know I can count on the quality and durability to last us for years to come. The polished hand-hammered finish is gorgeous, and brings a beautiful modern twist to this classic look, especially when paired with the Kai faucet. I may actually do more laundry just to admire our new sink!

Sinkology Fortify Collection of crafted stainless steel - Wilson model

If you are on the hunt for a stainless steel kitchen sink or laundry sink, you can’t go wrong with the Sinkology FORTIFY collection!


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