Updated House Tour: Bonus Room

House Tour of Bonus Room space by Two Purple Couches #housetour #bonusroom #familyroom #homegym

I didn’t forget about sharing my House Tour with you guys! Though I did fall behind schedule. But never fear! The next installment of the house tour picks up today, and we’re heading upstairs to check out our Bonus Room.

Our bonus room is basically a second family room, directly above our first-floor family room and measuring in at about the same size.

Which is pretty sizable.

House Tour Bonus Room Family Room by Two Purple Couches #housetour #bonusroom #familyroom

When we were scoping out floor plans, we both loved the idea of having this bonus space. It could be a workout room, a game room, or just a casual place to hang out with the family. Plus, Tom and I are planners, so we envision this room as being a perfect playroom spot some day. All the toys and clutter can stay upstairs, out of sight (I bet all you parents out there are laughing heartily by now).

Right now, we use this space as a makeshift home gym and as a TV room/extra family room. It houses our elliptical and free weights, and the space gives me plenty of room to huff and puff to my Insanity dvds.

House Tour including bonus room and home gym by Two Purple Couches #housetour #bonusroom #familyroom #homegym

It’s also Molly’s favorite room. She loves to hide behind the sofa when she’s got something she shouldn’t (like our socks), and has been known to run laps around the room when we’re playing fetch or just when she needs to burn off energy.

This room, and the rest of our second floor, is still on our to-do list. Nothing upstairs has been painted yet (except for the hallway you can see here), and for the most part, looks exactly as it did when we moved in.

House Tour of Bonus Room by Two Purple Couches #housetour #bonusroom #familyroom

If I’m being honest, this frustrates me. However, I need to remind myself that we’ve only been in our house for 2.5 years, and Rome wasn’t built, or decorated, in a day. This room and our master bedroom will hopefully start to see some transformations before this year is out. And now that we’ve got most of our first floor put together, we can move our focus upstairs.

Our shorter terms plans for this room include painting the walls and hanging some art, like these paintings that I did at a local studio. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m going for a palette of bright blues and greens, some of my favorite colors even though this is the first time they’ve appeared in our home.

House Tour Bonus Room decor and details by Two Purple Couches #housetour #bonusroom #teal #blue #green

We’ve talked about adding built-ins and a long bench around the three windows, but I think this will come quite a bit later.

That about wraps up our bonus room / extra family room space! Thanks for joining today’s tour!