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Happy Halloween!


So, I’m kind of a Halloween Slacker. I didn’t have time to carve any of my pumpkins, I didn’t bake any sweet or spooky treats, and I don’t have a costume. Ooops.

But I felt it would be remiss to let the day go by without a little acknowledgement of the festivities.

So, here’s a little digitized “carved” pumpkin I created to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Even though it’s going to be about 40-degrees in Cincinnati tonight, I’m really looking forward to passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We never had kids trick-or-treat at our condo, so this will be our first “real” Halloween in a long time! Maybe next year I’ll do some pumpkin-carving or some spooky-treat making πŸ™‚

What are your plans for the day?










Fun in the Sun(flowers)

The older I get, the more I appreciate a perfect Fall day. And we had quite possibly the best one this past Saturday. The sun was shining, not a rainy-looking cloud in the sky, and perfect sweater-weather temps. It was poem-worthy.

So we did the most logical thing – got some friends together and went to a Sunflower Festival at this cool local farm!

Just a couple of friends, hangin’ in a sunflower field…

I think we’ll definitely be going back next year.

Weekly Wishlist: Autumn Accents

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Autumn! In preparation for the changing of the seasons, I’ve pulled together some home accents that really set the mood for crisp nights, hot cider and weekends spent watching football.

by WorleysLighting on Etsy

The natural texture of these candle holders feel perfect for fall. Check out their shop for more sizes and shapes. With so many options, you could create a nice little arrangement on a mantle, shelf, or even a table centerpiece.

by feltjar on Etsy

These felted acorns would look so cute collected in a dish or bowl, or even just casually scattered on a table. The plum and chartreuse palette is a fresh take on traditional reds, oranges and yellows. (And would perfectly match my family room, wink, wink).

by TheBakersDaughter on Etsy!

I ADORE this wreath – the raven totally makes it. And makes me want to read some Poe.

by claylicious on Etsy

You knew there had to be an owl in here, right? πŸ˜‰ Love me some owls!

by My Sweet Savannah (found via Pinterest)

These pumpkins are so fun! I have so many visions for my front porch this season… I think I need to make some room for some painted pumpkins! Imagine the possibilities!

What’s on your wishlist this week? How do you incorporate Autumn elements into your decor? (I’m still working on this… my collection of Autumn decor is pitifully small… trying to do a few vignettes around the house without breaking the bank!)

Autumn Subway Canvas

When it comes to seasonal decor, I tend to stick to Winter/Christmas. And by “stick to” I mean Make It Look Like Santa’s Workshop / A Wintery Wonderland Exploded In My House. I. Love. Christmas Decor.

But, I have to admit that I’ve recently had a hankering for some Fall-inspired touches around the house. In the past, I think I’ve been turned off by the predominantly brownish color palette of Fall decor, but with the recent metallics trend… now that’s a seasonal bandwagon I can get on! Whoo! Whoo! (wait, sorry, that’s a train sound. What sound does a bandwagon make?)

Anywho, I came across this seasonal Subway artΒ on Pinterest…

from Antsi-Pants blog

and decided this was totally something I could decorate around. She’s even got glittery pumpkins right next to it! Yessss!

This is actually a printable that can be downloaded (for free!), but I had a Craft Itch that needed to be scratched. I decided with some paint and scrapbooking accessories, this could easily become a personalized piece. So I made a trip to Michael’s, picked up some supplies, and got to work!

I picked up an 11″ x 14″ canvas and figured I’d need at least eight words/phrases to cover it. I made a list of all of the Autumn-related words I could think of, then narrowed down to the ones that best represent what I love about the season.

I wanted a variety of fonts, so I purchased stencils and 3D sticker letters. I also decided to free-hand some of the words, which I saved for last so that I could fill in remaining spaces as needed. I started with the stencils, tracing them lightly with a pencil.

Then I added the 3D sticker letters, free-handed in the remaining spaces, and added a few “accessories” in the form of the sunflower, pumpkin and leaf stickers. Just to add some extra pizzazz!

I’m surprisingly pleased with how it turned out! And how relatively easy it was to do! A little bit more time consuming (took me about 2-2.5 hours from start to finish), but fun and worth it.
I already have plans for a Christmas one πŸ˜‰

It hasn’t found a permanent home yet, but I have a few other Fall ideas in my mind that I’m hoping to pull together this weekend!

Where do you stand on seasonal decor?

Update: found this fun Fall Decorating Link Party from The Lettered Cottage! Check out all of the other bloggers’ awesome fall decor ideas!

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