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Photog in the Making

easter egg decor

That’s right, folks! The picture quality here on Two Purple Couches is getting an upgrade! Tom surprised me earlier this week with a Sony NEX-F3K. Now, I truly know nothing about cameras, but I do know that I LOVE the clarity and crispness I’m getting out of the practice shots I’ve been taking around the house.

cute bichon

The iPhone 4s camera just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I mean, you can’t be a real blogger with a iPhone-quality photos. That schtuff is grainy!

Makers Mark bourbon

The Sony has lots of fancy-sounding features. It took me 5 days to figure out how to delete a photo from playback mode. So… it’s going to a long road to fancy-camera-mastery. And clearly I could use a Lighting 101 course.

home grown tomatoes

But so far? I’m obsessed.

Holiday Traditions: Krohn Conservatory Pointsettia & Train Display

mini Krohn Conservatory - Two Purple Couches

One big holiday tradition in Cincinnati is the train and pointsettia display at Krohn Conservatory. I remembering going as a young child and being mesmerized by the trains; I always loved watching them wind their way around those tiny tracks, and I still do!
The Conservatory was built in the 1930’s and has a cool Art Deco style. The annual holiday display features tons of pointsettias and evergreens as a beautiful backdrop for an impressive train display that snakes all through one of the main areas of the Conservatory. Scattered among the train tracks are replica buildings of some Cincinnati landmarks, all make out of natural materials! There’s even a lifesize Nativity scene on the grounds outside the Conservatory, with live animals (apparently a lamb was born the day we visited, but I didn’t get a pic b/c there were tons of people crowding into the stable to see it).

train tracks - Two Purple Couches

replica bridge - Two Purple Couches
This is a replica of the local Roebling Suspension Bridge that connects Covington, KY and Cincinnati, OH. It served as the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge, which was also built by John Roebling. The “stones” of this bridge were actually tree bark, cut and applied to look like stone.

pointsettias - Two Purple Couches
I have never seen a speckled pointsettia before. So beautiful. I’d love to fill my house with them, but I’m sure Molly would eat them and get sick.

natural flower - Two Purple Couches
The giant Christmas tree in the Conservatory lobby was full of ornaments made from natural materials. I loved this flower; the petals reminded me of pistachio shells, but I’m not sure if that’s what they actually were.

While we were there, we also wandered through the other Conservatory greenhouses. Here are a few images I snapped in the desert room and the orchid room (my fave!).

succulent - Two Purple Couches

orange orchid - Two Purple Couches

green orchid - Two Purple Couches

orchid - Two Purple Couches

Hope you didn’t mind that this post was so photo-heavy. I took all of these pictures with my iPhone 4s… and am pretty impressed with the quality! Not a bad little camera in that thing!

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition in your city?

Inspiration for a Gallery Wall

Along with selecting an accent color for our family room, I’m also dreaming of creating a gallery wall of photos and art prints. Our walls are still pretty bare, and I’m looking forward to hunting for unique pieces to fill them up!

I’ve been browsing Pinterest, Houzz and other blogs for inspiration, tips, and tricks for how to achieve a creative gallery wall. I’m a little apprehensive about how to mix and match a variety of prints and photos, but the more ideas I find, the more confident I become about pulling this off!  Here are a few of my favorite gallery wall ideas:

This arrangement fills the space nicely, and incorporates a variety of images, frames and mat sizes.

Love how this one incorporates more than just photography and art, but mirrors, candle sconces, etc. Don’t you love how the thermostat looks like it fits in?!

This collection is very neat and orderly. Also love the incorporation of the letter!

This one is uniform without feeling too expected. I like that if forms a larger rectangle, but the individual frames are different dimensions.

Which of the 4 arrangements is your favorite?