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Summer Entryway

summer entryway

Our entryway table needed a bit of sprucing up for the summer. So I gathered up some knick-knackery and some prints I’ve been meaning to frame and got to work. I thought a loose travel theme might be nice, given that it’s “vacation season.”

summer entryway

The postcard is of the Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World. We stayed there in January (and it was amaze-balls!); these postcards were free in our room! Score! The owl is also from our Disney trip, from a shop in Mexico at Epcot. I wish I could tell you that I purchased this set of Matryoshka dolls during my trip to Moscow a few years ago. But I can’t. I didn’t have time to shop. Or sightsee. I was there for work. My parents were traveling Alaska later that year, though, and my mom picked these up in a Russian boutique. To make up for my lack of authentic Matryoshka purchasing whilst in the real Russia.

summer entryway

The “Bon Voyage” postcard was in an Umbabox I received a few months ago. It seemed fitting for the theme. The wooden ball, the terrarium/cloche thing, and the thing inside the terrarium/cloche thing are from Kohls.

So, there you have it! An entryway with some summertime flair. What’s in your entryway? Do you have an authentic set of Matryoshka dolls? Have you ever been to Moscow?

New Furniture In Da Hizzouse!

Awww yea! We got some new stuff up in here!
But really, in all seriousness, we’ve added a few new pieces around the house. It’s surprisingly hard to choose furniture when you have a completely blank slate, but after 15 months of living in our space, I think we’re getting a sense of what will work for us.

Every entryway needs a little something to welcome guests through the door. So we’re starting with a simple console table, decked out in its Easter finery.

entryway console -- twopurplecouches.com

At some point, I’d like to add a mirror above the table. And dress up the walls with paint and maybe some moulding. But, it’s a good start!

Meanwhile, upstairs…

Our “bonus room” is finally starting to look like a room! Even if that means a rather sparse college/bachelor pad room. We’ve been using it as a workout space since we moved in. We’re keeping our elliptical in the corner, but we’re also planning to use the space as a more casual family room/hangout spot. We recently purchased a sofa, coffee table, end table, and brought our Ikea Poang chair and footrest upstairs. It sounds silly, but it’s nice to just have a place to sit down in this room!

bonus room couch

bonus room shot

(the TV stand is on its way)

throw pillow

Now all this room needs is a little color! And accessories 😉 I’m loving the shades of blue in the throw pillow fabric, so look for these colors to start popping up!

Update: if you’re curious, the console table is by Winsome Wood and was purchased via Amazon; the sofa is from Front Room Furnishings (Larkspur model by Simple Elegance).

Weekly Wishlist: Entryway Tables

This week, I’ve got my eye on entryway-worthy console tables / cabinets. A perfect place to drop your keys, the mail, or create a casual vignette.


Pier1 Anywhere Console Table
I like this classic console – you get shelves for displaying and drawers for storing. A perfect combo! / Pier 1 Anywhere Console 

Pier1 Nicola Console
I have a lot of books in my “personal collection” so I love all of the shelves this console offers. And the added interest of the sides. / Pier 1 Nicola Console

Pier1 Bookseller Low Shelf
The addition of the “V” shelf for books is a fun, unique twist / Pier 1 Bookseller Low Shelf

Safavieh Gary Console Table
The sheen + ironwork gives this console an upscale look. For the swanky entryway, of course / Safavieh Console (originally found via RueLaLa)

Pier1 Alexandra Chest
Wanna take the swank up a notch? Then this one’s your guy, err, chest / Pier 1 Alexandra Chest