New Furniture In Da Hizzouse!

Awww yea! We got some new stuff up in here!
But really, in all seriousness, we’ve added a few new pieces around the house. It’s surprisingly hard to choose furniture when you have a completely blank slate, but after 15 months of living in our space, I think we’re getting a sense of what will work for us.

Every entryway needs a little something to welcome guests through the door. So we’re starting with a simple console table, decked out in its Easter finery.

entryway console --

At some point, I’d like to add a mirror above the table. And dress up the walls with paint and maybe some moulding. But, it’s a good start!

Meanwhile, upstairs…

Our “bonus room” is finally starting to look like a room! Even if that means a rather sparse college/bachelor pad room. We’ve been using it as a workout space since we moved in. We’re keeping our elliptical in the corner, but we’re also planning to use the space as a more casual family room/hangout spot. We recently purchased a sofa, coffee table, end table, and brought our Ikea Poang chair and footrest upstairs. It sounds silly, but it’s nice to just have a place to sit down in this room!

bonus room couch

bonus room shot

(the TV stand is on its way)

throw pillow

Now all this room needs is a little color! And accessories šŸ˜‰ I’m loving the shades of blue in the throw pillow fabric, so look for these colors to start popping up!

Update: if you’re curious, the console table is by Winsome Wood and was purchased via Amazon; the sofa is from Front Room Furnishings (Larkspur model by Simple Elegance).

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