Entryway Console Styling

Entryway Console Styling; console styling

Ever since I got home from Haven, I’ve been itching to apply my newfound styling tips around the house. I decided that our entryway console table would be my first victim, I mean project.

Entryway Console Styling

My travel-themed display for the summer was fine, but I was ready to change things up a bit. I had my recently polka-dotted “K” but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Then some golden inspiration hit. One of my favorite artists and bloggy friends, Emilie, Β just introduced some new prints to her Etsy shop. One of which was a gold-foil print that read “Home Sweet Home.” Can you say perfect?

Entryway Console Styling

I love how the golden polka dotted K is all buddy-buddy with the Home Sweet Home print! A bit of cozy comfort and glam together. Just my style. I kept the terrarium/cloche and twiney ball thing, and other wooden ball thing for some different textures.

Entryway Console Styling

These Fletcher and Fox arrows are a recent One Kings Lane purchase. And I’m completely enamored with them. I love the neutral colors mixed with gold (notice a theme here?). And I love that they’re just unique and different. Oh, and there’s a story about the vase that the arrows are being corralled in. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

Entryway Console Styling

The bottom shelf could probably use a bit more pizazz, maybe a larger/taller item or some sort of piece that doubles as storage. Maybe just flip the white and black frames? Honestly, I’m too busy drooling over gold-foil, polka dots and arrows to notice the bottom shelf!

Now all we need is a nice large mirror with a classic black wood frame to hang on the wall! Hopefully we’ll find one sooner rather than later so we can call this little space done! (except for a new wall color, but that’ll happen this fall).

What are your favorite personal touches in your entryway? Anyone else love arrows?

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16 thoughts on “Entryway Console Styling

  1. thelearnerobserver

    Ok so I totally voted for the solid gold, but wow.. those polka dots! I love them! You have a knack for styling. Wanna come do my kitchen hutch for me? Struggles over here!

  2. rainonatinroof01

    I want those feathers! LOVE them! One Kings Lane is so amazing! But, I’ve had to start deleting their emails as soon as I get them, otherwise I spend oodles of money there that I don’t have! I’ll just swoon over yours!

  3. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    I love that I got to see your styling prowess in action at Haven! So this post comes as no surprise. You’ve got a great eye…and I’m definitely going to draw inspiration from you and the other styling mavens out there as styling is one area in which I feel I could use some guidance. Gotta get me some arrows like those!

    1. twopurplecouches

      Thank you Lauren πŸ™‚ I’m always looking for great styling tips! I think it’s once of those “skills” that’s constantly evolving πŸ™‚
      Definitely get some arrows! Aren’t they the coolest!?

  4. Angie

    So I’m becoming mildly…okay…ridiculously obsessed with arrows these days. I LOVE how you incorporated them into your console styling! It’s so Emily Henderson like! LOVE IT!

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