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Weekly Wishlist: Graphic Tablewares

I don’t mean graphic as in R-rated, but graphic as in bold patterns and colors!

There are some days when I daydream about having an all-white kitchen – white cabinetry, white countertops, white tile floors… and today is one of them. Can you image how fun and energized an all-white kitchen would look with pops of these plates, platters and teapots? Gah! Is it too late to change out our maple and cherry for white, white, white, white?

All of these beauties were found via the Pattern Play sale at One Kings Lane. They’re on sale today! Grab your favorite while you can!

Color Conundrum

I’ve been thinking that our family room palette needs an accent color. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the eggplant & lilac tones, but it feels a little flat. I think a few splashes of something bright, maybe a little bold, could pull it all together. I’m also trying to think ahead for our future Kitchen Backsplash project – we’re both gravitating toward a colored mosaic tile rather than neutral tones (we have enough brown tones in our kitchen).

My original vision for the family room was a palette along these lines.

I haven’t quite achieved it, and I don’t think that Tom is 100% on board with the “deep peony” and “dusty lavender” colors. It seems to have landed more in this palette:

And while I love these tones, I think it needs a pop of something that’s the complete opposite of purple (maybe not literally). Now, if it were completely up to me, it would probably wind up looking like a rainbow threw up in our room, 1) because I love color and 2) because I’m indecisive. Tom is a staunch lover of safe neutrals. So somehow, we strike a balance.

Here are some top color contenders. I’d like to keep it focused on just one of these, bringing in small splashes through accents like a vase, a blanket or throw, some artwork, more pillows (!), etc.

Which would you vote for?