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Back Yard Tour

Now that you’ve seen the front yard, let’s go round to the back!

back yard deck


Now, close your eyes and imagine the umbrella is up. This scene is more picturesque when the umbrella is up.

Since these photos have been taken, something has eaten several of the plants seen in these containers. I suspect deer. And this means war. So, I’ve moved most of the pots onto the deck for safekeeping. I’m hoping that once the flowers have grown a bit more, I can move them back onto the patio.

window boxes


This is the view from our back door and kitchen table. It’s lovely. And now features even more loveliness since I’ve had to move most of the other containers up here to save them from the d— deer. You may recognize my herb garden and made-over plant stand.

shade plants

We’ve also spruced up the space around our AC unit this year. The small bush is a Boxwood that wasn’t faring so well in our front yard. And the flowers are Torenia (shade lovers and deer resistant!).

That concludes our 2013 yard tour!

Oh wait, I think I forgot to show you the right side of our house… well… there’s not much to see here yet. I planted a few Foxgloves, but they’re not flowering, so just picture some greenery and you got it!

Thanks for touring with us 🙂

Oh, Deer!

Ever since we first scoped out our lot, we’ve seen a lot of wildlife in the area. From turkeys to deer to tree frogs, there’s all kinds of stuff out there!

Lately, we’ve seen twin fawns hanging out in our backyard. But this past weekend, we got a pretty close-up view of them, and figured out who’s been nibbling at our landscaping!

This was taken from our side yard – I was having a staring contest with them! They were only about 15-feet away from me!

Feathered Friends

My mom has always liked hummingbirds, and she has multiple feeders around their backyard. So it was no surprise when she gifted me a feeder for my birthday in June. I finally got the feeder outside last week, and ever since, it’s been the hottest hangout in the neighborhood!

My husband and I spent a good deal of time this past weekend watching 3 different hummingbirds hang out / dive-bomb each other on the feeder! I managed to snap a few shots with my iPhone, but I wish the feeder were closer to our patio door so I could get some more detailed pictures.

I think this first little gal is my favorite. She looks like she’s still got some fluffy baby down feathers:

Maybe I should get another feeder, but I think they’d still dive-bomb each other. It’s pretty funny to watch them zip around the yard. But also a little dangerous if you’re outside – they zoomed right past my head a few times!