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Feathered Friends

My mom has always liked hummingbirds, and she has multiple feeders around their backyard. So it was no surprise when she gifted me a feeder for my birthday in June. I finally got the feeder outside last week, and ever since, it’s been the hottest hangout in the neighborhood!

My husband and I spent a good deal of time this past weekend watching 3 different hummingbirds hang out / dive-bomb each other on the feeder! I managed to snap a few shots with my iPhone, but I wish the feeder were closer to our patio door so I could get some more detailed pictures.

I think this first little gal is my favorite. She looks like she’s still got some fluffy baby down feathers:

Maybe I should get another feeder, but I think they’d still dive-bomb each other. It’s pretty funny to watch them zip around the yard. But also a little dangerous if you’re outside – they zoomed right past my head a few times!