Party Prep Tips: Stress Less the Day Of

Stress less the day of your big party or holiday with these party prep tips by Two Purple Couches #partyprep #roartingtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty #partyplanning

I love to host parties.

Well, okay. Let me rephrase that. What I really love is the idea of hosting parties. Because by the day-of, my to-do list is a mile long and things are nuts. From cleaning to decorating to prepping food, it always seems like I am “down to the doorbell” getting everything together. And it stresses me out like no other.

So when I was preparing for my big 30th birthday bash last month, I tried to help myself out and get as much as possible done as far in advance as possible. All the decorations were up days in advance and the house was 90% clean the day-of, so all I really had to concentrate on was food prep.

And I found a fantastic solution to help make sure 1.) everything made it to the table, and 2.) I wasn’t scrambling around last-minute trying to find a bowl for this and a plate for that.

Are you ready for my ground-breaking party prep tips???

Sticky notes.

On everything. Every plate, bowl, tray, etc.

Simple tips for prepping food for parties by Two Purple Couches #partyprep #partytips #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty

Is your mind blown? Cuz it should be.

You may be thinking that this scene looks like a crazy person with OCD tendencies lives here. And you may be right. But I tell you what, all these sticky note labels made the hour before party time SO much less stressful!!

Easy tips for prepping snacks for parties by Two Purple Couches #partyprep #partytips #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty

And if your mom like mine, she is always showing up early to help. (Thanks Mom!!)

So when Mom asked where the lime wedges should go or what to put the cookies on, it was all laid out ahead of time. All the serveware was set out and labeled.

Tips to make prepping a cocktail bar for parties simple and easy by Two Purple Couches #partyprep #partytips #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty

And I cannot tell you how helpful this was! Especially for my 11th-hour-of-party-prep sanity. I felt so much more prepared. And calm. And oddly empowered. And I could focus on more important things, like mixing up champagne cocktails for my guests.

I will definitely be utilizing this process again in the future. Maybe not for impromptu grill-outs, because then I really would seem crazy, but for any major holiday lunch or dinner, this will be a total sanity-saver for me!

Does party prep stress you out? Check out these tips to make the prep process simpler and smoother by Two Purple Couches #partyprep #partytips #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty

A place for everything, and everything in its place 😉 How nice.

And see, it all came together! Just like the labels said it would 😉

Just a few simple tips and planning ahead, and my food table was perfectly set for my party, with no last-minute rushing around!

Do you have any party prep tips that help you streamline your to-do list? I’d love to hear them! Leave your favorites in the comments!

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    1. Two Purple Couches Post author

      I’m glad that this post gives me the impression of being organized 😉 I am usually running around like a crazy lady on party day. And I hate being all kinds of stressed out on those days, so I knew I needed a different method this time around! Hopefully I can make it a habit!

    1. Two Purple Couches Post author

      Glad I could help! I’ve never thrown a bridal or baby shower and I would definitely need to utilize my sticky note tip if I did! Whew! But I know you will throw a fabulous shower!!

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