Inspiring Blogger Business Cards

Inspiring Ideas for Blogger Business Cards by Two Purple Couches #havenconf #blogging #bloggingconference #businesscards

One of my favorite parts about blogging conferences is swapping business cards with my fellow attendees. Yes, bloggers have business cards, errr, blogger cards? Anyway, out of the stack I collected at Haven, there were some blogger business cards I just had to share with you!

I am always impressed at the level of creativity that goes into creating blogger business cards. It’s not just a tiny rectangle with a url and an email address. This is your 15-seconds-of-blogger-fame to make a big impact with everyone you meet.

Okay, that sounds a bit extreme. But it’s partly true; you want your card to stand out from the crowd, or to make its recipients feel a little something extra about you and your blog.

Inspiring Ideas for your Blogger Business Cards #havenconf #businesscards #bloging

I am no blogger business card expert. In fact, I think mine could use a bit of a spruce up. And I’ve been very inspired by some of the cards I received at Haven. Here are a few in particular that caught my eye for their “extras”:

Ideas for including fun extras with your blogger business cards #havenconf #businesscards #blogging

My new friend Michelle from Weekend Craft included cute little buttons with her card. I love that I can also proclaim myself to be a Weekend Crafter! Darla from Heartwork Organizing tied a cute little chalkboard label to her cards and wrote up a friendly “Hi” for everyone she met. I love that this message could be personalized, or could be a good way to track a special note you don’t want to lose. My girl Lauren from The Thinking Closet kept the same cards as last year, but spiced things up with the inclusion of diy-inspired temporary tattoos! How fun is that!? You can’t see the tattoo I received because I couldn’t wait to put it on! Here’s me stylin’ my ink at Haven:

Cool business card swag: Temporary Tattoos!

Lauren shared all the details of how she created her temporary tattoos here.

By far, my favorite branding has to go to my friend Candace and her newly-launched blog, Rusted Roots. She created each of these specialty cards by hand using beadboard salvaged from an 1830s Greek Revival in North Carolina. I mean, how’s that for living your brand? Two thumbs way, way up! And I love that she included the story of the wood on the back of her cards; it feels that much more special to know where it came from.

Awesomely branded blogger business card by Rusted Roots #havenconf #businesscards #blogging

In a sort of unexpected, yet utterly delightful category, the best-scented business card goes to Daune of Cottage in the Oaks. Her cards were sealed up in small kraft paper envelops stuffed with dried lavender and tied up with the prettiest string and a sweet message that reads “create daily.” I could smell this one all day!

Creatively scented blogger business card from Cottage in the Oaks #havenconf #businesscards #blogging


This great assortment of cards really got me thinking about how I might spruce up my own. I could definitely improve them by adding photos of some of my favorite projects and spaces around my home, but I love the idea of taking things one step further with a special addition, or even a card that comes in an unexpected form. Hmm… my wheels are turning! Good thing I have another year until Haven 2015 to brainstorm!

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17 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Business Cards

  1. Daune | Cottage in the Oaks

    Emily! It was such a treat to meet you at Haven! I loved getting to spend a bit of time with you….it just came and went to quickly! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer…and I will look forward to following along! Blessings….. xoxoxoxo
    Daune | Cottage in the Oaks recently posted…Haven 2014 RecapMy Profile

  2. Katrina

    Attending Have this year was my first blog conference and it was so much fun coming home and getting lots of business cards totally helps me remember faces and check out new to me blogs! There where so many creative and pretty business cards to be seen and shared at Haven 🙂

  3. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    Awwww, thanks so much for featuring my biz cards and tattoos in this awesome post…and for being THE FIRST to rock a tattoo at Haven. Seriously, you made my life with that. Sorry that your tattoo was halfway defective. You still rocked it so gloriously (as you do all accessories). And I agree – – Candace killed it this year with her mega-cool cards. So unforgettable!
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet recently posted…Souvenir Seashell PaperclipsMy Profile

  4. Candace

    The cards ARE amazing. I tweaked mine before Haven, but I was blown away by the variety and design. The challenge, for me, is to come up with a creative design that doesn’t become unwieldy for someone to save. One thing I realized is that there is a HUGE difference between cards for a conference and business cards. Contemplating two versions of my card – like you said, already planning Haven ’15!

    1. Two Purple Couches Post author

      Two versions is a fantastic idea, Candace! I’ve got a bunch of ideas on how to tweak mine, the trick will be not trying to do them all at once and cluttering things up! Ah, decisions, decisions!

    2. Candace @ Rusted Roots

      Hey Candace! It’s Candace! Ha ha… I actually did two versions of my card for the conference. While I so wanted to drop my wooden cards into the fishbowl drawings, I knew it just wouldn’t be fair! Ha ha! So I opted to create a standard business card that matched my wooden ones. They were made from a very thick kraft paper. I gave those cards to brands and professional peeps! And gave my fun ones to fellow bloggers!! Although, I must say there were several brands that were bummed to get the boring card… so I gave them a fun one too!!
      Candace @ Rusted Roots recently posted…Junkin’ in Atlanta & My Dumpster Diving TreasureMy Profile

  5. Meaghan

    I just created my own business cards at VistaPrint and it was so fun! I love how different these all are.

    ~Meaghan from DIYfaerie

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