I Heart Handmade: Emily McDowell Labels

Dry Goods Labels_Emily McDowell via World Label

I don’t know about you, but when I think of getting organized, my kitchen pantry immediately comes to mind! It could definitely use some help, especially of the labeling variety.

I’ve professed my love for Emily McDowell before, but please allow me to do so again, and this time in the more “official” context of my I Heart Handmade series. And in the spirit of pantry re-organization. Because she created a very awesome set of kitchen, spice jar, and pantry labels for World Label. And this very awesome set is available as free downloads, in multiple sizes, and, in two colors! (there are also blank labels so you can personalize the labels to your needs!).

 Spice Labels_Emily McDowell via World Label 

How’s that for getting organized in 2014?


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