A Re-organized Junk Drawer

Reorganizing our junk drawer

Remember how I said organization would be a big theme around here early this year? Well, let’s start things off with a small, easy project.

I usually want to start big, or start everything at once. Then I get overwhelmed and frustrated and never finish. So, I’m trying things differently in 2014. Starting small. Taking one day at a time.

And reorganizing our kitchen “junk” drawer is a good way to start.

I say “junk” because this drawer isn’t really full of junk. If it were junk, I’d just get rid of it. But it’s full of the little items we frequently need: scissors, tape, ibuprofen, packets of flower food, rubber bands, etc. Even though I added a few organizers to this drawer shortly after we moved in two years ago, all the items still seemed to get jumbled together. The other problem is that this is one of the spots where we stash things as we’re rushing to clean up for a party. Just shove it in a drawer!

But, I’ve had enough of the tape getting friendly with the twist ties, and random stuff piling up. Like one singular, lonely blue button, and a couple of screws. So, I emptied everything out of the drawer and got to work.

Clearing out the junk

I should create a scavenger hunt out of this photo for you guys. The single lonely blue button should be easy to spot. Also, I am a mint-tin hoarder. All five of those Altoid tins are empty.

I played around with configuring the organizers to see what would fit where.

Drawer organizers

Then I filled them up:

How to organize your junk drawer - Two Purple Couches
Much better, right?

The things we use most frequently are right up front in easy reach: scissors, tape, restaurant gift cards, a little something for a sweet tooth. And yes, I do go through a fair amount of flower food. I almost always have fresh flowers around our house, and the grocery store always includes more packs than are needed in their bouquets.

Clean and organized drawer

Is organization a big theme for you this time of the year? Do you start small or prefer to get the big stuff out of the way?

7 thoughts on “A Re-organized Junk Drawer

  1. Holly

    Yes! Organization is a goal of us this year! We (I) are starting small as well. I love your blog!

  2. Stephanie

    I read this post after vowing to organize my living space (which is currently one room). I was inspired by starting small and tackling my junk drawers. I basically have a set of 5 plastic drawers, you know the kind with wheels, that i’ve carted around since college and it seems things kept getting sucked into the drawers. As you said, clean up time meant put everything without a place in there!! Anyway, I started there and the organization has spread to other parts of my space that needed attention. Now all I have left to tackle are my two biggest “messes”, boxes of paperwork and a messy messy closet! Thanks for the push to organize in 2014!

    1. Two Purple Couches Post author

      Awww, you’re welcome Stephanie! I’m glad I could provide a bit of inspiration! Thanks for your sweet note! I’ll be tackling the boxes of paperwork as well, and I’m a bit nervous about it!

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