I Heart Handmade #5: November Umba Box

November Umba Box - Basik 855 Pillow

I just realized that it’s November 19th (ummm, what??), and I haven’t shared my Umba Box goodies with you yet!

So, ta-da! This month, I received this beautiful pillow made by Basik 855, a group of Cambodian artisans and weavers who specialize in handwoven ikat accessories. That’s right, I said hand woven! The weavers use traditional looms and techniques to craft pillows, totes, clutches, and more. And the best part? Basik 855 was founded with the purpose of paying each employee a fair-living wage. So you know you’re helping to support fair business practices with each purchase of their amazing accessories.

I’d call that a win-win.

Are you curious about these Umba Boxes I’m always talking about? Want to try one for yourself? Well, you’re in luck! As an Umbassador, I’ve got a special discount code that will save you $5 on any Umba Box subscription! Just enter code EMILYKENNEDY at checkout. (They make great gifts, too!)

Annnnd, for my Canadian friends, Umba Box will ship to you, too! Yay!


Disclosure: As an Umbassador, I do earn a 20% commission on all purchases made through umba.com/emilykennedy or by clicking on the Umba ad in my sidebar. I am very passionate about supporting the handmade community, and all opinions expressed here are my own. I wouldn’t share a product, artist, or brand I don’t believe in. 

4 thoughts on “I Heart Handmade #5: November Umba Box

  1. Leigh

    Love that you love your basik 855 pillow! We just launched a How Do YOU basik campaign and would love to add this gorgeous photo to our pinterest board. Let me know if that’s not ok. 🙂 All the best, Leigh

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