Easy Gold Foil Garland

One of my favorite diy decorations is this jazzy gold foil garland made from… baking cups! Yep! No joke! I made all this garland with baking cups, some glue and string!

Easy Gold Foil Garland by Two Purple Couches #diygarland #roaringtwenties #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty #partydecor #birthday

It’s super, super simple: just flatten ’em, fold ’em in half, and start stringing them up for a glitzy look. Good, mindless work to do while you’re watching TV, or while your husband’s watching sports and you’re bored 😉

Use Gold Foil Cupcake Liners to create your own party garland by Two Purple Couches #diygarland #roaringtwenties #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty #partydecor #birthday

I found this article chock-full of ideas for baking cups, including this garland.

I bought both regular and mini-cupcake sized cups (similar to these and these*) and played around arranging them until I found a pattern I liked: two mini, one regular, two mini, one regular, etc.

Gold Foil Garland by Two Purple Couches #diygarland #roaringtwenties #roaringtwentiesparty #gatsbyparty #partydecor #birthday

This gold foil garland would also be great for a photo-booth backdrop, or for plenty of other holidays and parties, from a bridal shower to a New Year’s Eve party!

I’m sure this garland will make plenty of appearances around my home in the future; it’s too pretty and shiny to keep packed away for too long!

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