Fab Friday Finds

Fab Friday Finds by Two Purple Couches #fridayfinds #summer #summertime

It’s another glorious day for some Fab Friday Finds!

This week’s Finds include something French, something refreshing, and something for your furry friend!

Something French


So, Chateau de Gudanes? You’ve heard of it, no? Well, I live under a rock so I’ve just found out about it. And I’m. Ob. Sessed. Obsessed. Like, spent hours scrolling through pictures and Wikipediaing the history and nearly starting my own property search for a crumbling chateau in the south of France.

If you live under the same rock as me, here’s the two-minute explanation: Australian family nearly gives up house hunt in France until son finds random listing for an abandoned chateau. And we’re not talking a quaint little French maison. We’re talking a 94-room, 11,000-square-foot, 300-year-old castle.

I think we may have talked briefly somewhere along the line about my love for old decrepit things. Dusty things. Crumbling things. Things that hold history and stories. And while these things don’t necessarily find their way into my home, I adore them just the same. So, you can see why all my free time is now spent consuming photos of glorious, dilapidated, gold-leafed salons and deteriorating 18th-century plaster walls. I wish I had the courage (and the cash!) to undertake a project like this! But until I win the lottery and convince Tom that this would be a great idea, I’ll follow this family’s journey to salvage and revive an incredible piece of French history via their blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Something Refreshing

Infused Waters Mojito Recipe by Two Purple Couches

After all that chateau-saving, I’m going to need something to drink! I’m a fan of naturally flavored waters, like this mojito-inspired version I concocted last summer. And I’ve been pinning and trying out several other recipes like these and these. And they are delicious!

Something for your Furry Friend

Mimi Green Engraved Dog Collars

Confession: Molly doesn’t have an ID tag on her collar. #dogownerfail. I keep meaning to have an ID tag made and add it to her collar along with her microchip info, but, well, somehow I never get around to it. I know, I know. Terrible. I’m face-palming as I type this.

A couple of my coworkers have recently ordered these engraved buckle collars for their dogs from Mimi Green. And I think they’re genius. Now I just need to decide if I want a solid color or cute pattern for the Molls!

Hope you enjoyed these Friday Finds! Have a lovely weekend! Can you believe it will be June next week? Me neither!!!