Announcing… VRAI Magazine!

VRAI Magazine #vraimagazine

Remember back to last month when I was guest-blogging about tomato cage vertical gardens over at VRAI Magazine? (You don’t!? Well, then go check it out!)

Well, Danny and the awesome team behind VRAI Magazine has asked me to be a regular contributing editor!


I know, right!?

Can you tell I’m excited? Scratch that, ecstatic!?

One of my dreams and goals has always been to be involved with magazine publishing. I worked on the staff of my English Department’s literary magazine while I was in college. When I first graduated from college, I imagined myself as an editor: planning content, writing articles and working with a team of writers and editors. Once I started reading blogs, and eventually writing my own, the idea of contributing to a magazine struck me as a real possibility, and became one of my main goals. And I can barely believe that the opportunity has already come my way!

Dream for tomorrow - Tips for Creative People

If you haven’t checked it out yet, VRAI Magazine is a collection of awesomeness brought to you by some pretty talented expert bloggers. From fashion to food, travel to home, and everything in between, you’ll find ideas and inspiration from people who are passionate about sharing their stories.

I guess I have a sort of “Bridget Jones” complex in that I am always under-valuing my talents and abilities, so to be asked to join so small and so talented a team as VRAI’s is truly astounding to me! I hope I make everyone proud!

So, all of this is to tell you that Issue V is available today! I hope you’ll join me and the entire VRAI team and head on over toΒ VRAI Magazine to check it out, subscribe to get issues delivered straight to your inbox, and get to know a little more about yours truly (wink, wink).

Not a bad way to start a Monday, right??


6 thoughts on “Announcing… VRAI Magazine!

  1. Danny

    Emily, we are so excited to have you on board! We can’t wait to share all your talents with our readers! πŸ™‚

  2. Nancy Kennedy

    Congratulations Emily!! It’s good to see that your dream of becoming an editor has come true.

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