Back from Haven Conference

Ballard Bag designed for Haven Conference by Two Purple Couches

I’m back from Haven Conference!

Well, I got back on Sunday, but it’s taken until today for my brain to feel like it’s getting back to normal!

Just as last year, my head is swimming with new ideas, inspiration, tips, and lessons learned. All things I want to put into action rightnow. But, that’s really not feasible, now is it!?

It was just as amazing the second time around, possibly more so because I had a sense of how these things called blogging conferences work. I bumped into so many familiar faces and had some fabulous conversations with these amazing friends I only get to see once or twice a year. Which makes it all totally worth it. Haven is proof that the blogging community is pretty incredible, and I am so blessed to be part of it.

I am working on a more in-depth re-cap post for ya’ll (sorry, 4 days in the South will bring out a little drawl in you) to share before the week is out! Stay tuned!