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An orderly linen closet

One of the things I love about moving is the opportunity to get organized. It’s like having a completely blank slate to start from!

But before I could tackle our post-move-in clutter, I needed some good ole fashioned inspiration. A co-worker of mine turned me on to Jen’s amazing tips over at IHeartOrganizing — her kitchen cabinet organization, in particular. And I was smitten! I went on a bin binge at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, returning home with stacks of glorious totes, trays, bins, and baskets. I immediately got to work in our master bathroom, emptying the linen closet and cabinet drawers of all their contents. I created piles of like items and tossed/recycled the stuff that needed to go.

Once I had things sorted the way I wanted, I designated containers for them. I can’t stand countertop clutter, but I also have products I need every morning (styling products and tools, face wash, etc). So I grouped these into baskets that I can easily grab each morning, set on the counter while I get ready, and place back in the closet when I’m finished. The items we don’t use every day were separated into stackable drawers. Tom and I each have our own drawer, which contains extra deodorant, shampoo, body wash, etc. There’s a drawer for things like cotton swabs and cotton balls, and a drawer for non-prescription medicine and first-aid items.

Here’s how it turned out!

now it’s neat and tidy!

The small drawers sitting on the floor contain all of our travel-sized items. I love that there’s still plenty of room for our towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, etc!

Then, I moved onto the cabinet drawers that hold my makeup, nail polish, nail file, tweezers, etc. Again, I grouped similar items together: nail polish, small items like bobby pins and tweezers, makeup brushes, you get the picture! I found drawer organizers at Bed Bath and Beyond. They’re meant for the kitchen, but are perfect for small makeup containers and nail polish bottles!

makeup drawer

small compartments for nail polish, combs, and more

Have you had any major organizational successes (or failures?). Any tips to pass along?